Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mornington Peninsula, Day 2

(continued from Mornington Peninsula, Day 1)

The next day on 5 Nov 2007, we met up a couple of migrant families (most importantly with their kids too so that Rachel could play with them) in Dromana.

Dromana is a seaside town along the coast of Mornington Peninsula. It is a very beautiful place as you can walk to the beach just 50m from the town shops. There is also a nice pier for fishing and the awesome horizon ends with the tips of the coastal lands jutting out towards the sea. Nearby there is a large playground as seen in the photo below. Wonderful place for a relaxing time with family or loved one.
Dromana Town, pier and large playground

Of course, we have the grumpy Rachel who acts out whenever she receives a scolding or time-out. Classic photo to blackmail her when she gets older. LOL!

Grumpy Rachel

Australia is like heaven for kids. They learn through playing and interactions. Tell me, which kid doesn't like to be carefree and play whole day long? Sometimes we do wish we can turn back time and re-live our childhood. Why grow up so fast when adult life can often be wrought with stress and responsibilities?

Rachel's friends, Rachel running to make sandcastles, Isabelle and Rachel

High-point of Arthur's Seat in Dromana, down south to beautiful Sorrento

More photos of Gold Coast trip coming up soon!