Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Joseph Schooling - my heartiest congratulations to you!

Joseph Schooling, you did Singapore and your parents proud. Finally an Olympic gold medal!

Now readers, read this (link) ... again. And go figure where most of our hearts lie.

Now if opportunity comes a-knocking to leave Singapore and place your talent elsewhere, my advice is go for it. Seriously you have nothing to lose and all those who called you 'quitter' and 'betrayer' don't pay your salary after you are past your prime.

If you are still pondering, look no further than what Singapore nation did to our footballer son, hero and icon Fandi Ahmad.

Bet Fandi must be kicking himself now when Dutch FC Groningen wanted to extend his contract with a migration move. But he decided to return to Singapore because he listened to those labeling him 'ungrateful'.

Where are these people now that his footballing career is over and he has a family to feed?

Side note: I correctly predicted in 2012 that Lee CW of Malaysia will be the No. 1 badminton player in the world. Yay!