Monday, April 27, 2015

Lesser of two evils

Which is of a lesser evil?
  1. Employee faking an academic qualification, or
  2. Employing company dissing the fake qualification as not required for hiring entry criteria
Allow me to state this clearly - I am NOT on a witch-hunt with regards to the recent degree mills saga. Neither am I 'bashing' the Foreignt Talent (FT) Immigrant Policy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Worse of two evils

Short and sharp for today's post -

How come we are 'crucifying' and charging a school-dropout and a rebel teenager who published his 'I hate LKY' video online with no threats of death and with the public braying for his blood (Amos Yee)


Attempting to understand and even showing sympathy to a scholar sponsored by taxpayers to study in Stanford University (mind you, it's Stanford!) with a predestined career to be a future CEO of a government-linked agency (Ouyang Xiangyu) but had tried to poison her schoolmates.

One no matter how many hate videos published can't make the dead come back to life; the other if poisoned successfully will make a live person dead.

One was not condonable, the other forgiveable.

One with pitchfolk mob and shouts of 'crucify him', the other 'let's understand what happened and the situation she was in'.

Hmm... Singapore, have we gone cuckoo?

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

It's never been about Christianity, it never did

C'mon it's never been about Christianity.

In regards to the infamous Amos Yee's insulting video about LKY and the disparaging remarks on Christianity (link), it never has been.

I am a Christian. It has never bothered me about people's criticism about Jesus or Christians.

My opinion is it is about insulting LKY and these pro-LKY and PAP supporters can't take it sitting down. Who is this young punk who dare insult our Founding Father. But please don't go chasing the rabbit trail and make a piecemeal about insults on Christians and creating religious disharmony. It never has been.