Wednesday, April 01, 2015

It's never been about Christianity, it never did

C'mon it's never been about Christianity.

In regards to the infamous Amos Yee's insulting video about LKY and the disparaging remarks on Christianity (link), it never has been.

I am a Christian. It has never bothered me about people's criticism about Jesus or Christians.

My opinion is it is about insulting LKY and these pro-LKY and PAP supporters can't take it sitting down. Who is this young punk who dare insult our Founding Father. But please don't go chasing the rabbit trail and make a piecemeal about insults on Christians and creating religious disharmony. It never has been.

If you want to make it a big deal, the movie Noah is a worse insult and blasphemy than this Amos Yee ever did by Christian standards. By the same token of charges, should not MDA ban the movie for causing religious disharmony and disrepute to the biblical event which Christians hold dearly?

Who is Amos that I should be bothered about? He didn't even die for me as Jesus did. And he's just a kid, mind you!

Now the whole world and media (even Asian media) know what kind of legacy LKY has left behind... iron-fisted rule who cannot condone different views and the need to silence his critics.

The arrest by SPF is like a kick in LKY's posterior end. It confirmed without doubt this deeply entrenched legacy that will continue in Singapore to put down any dissent and different voices.

LKY's passing must have awoken something in me. This is like the fourth post in a week considering I was on hiatus for more than a year!

Truth be told it's not that I stopped writing. There were saved drafts; however I just didn't feel like publishing them. On the hindsight I would not attribute the recent posts entirely to LKY's passing.

When I looked deep within myself, I realised there still exist embers of the once burning fire and fervour to want to see a change in Singapore by penning my thoughts and sharing them. Yes, a positive change.

It's not just about changing the majority rule of the incumbent party. And people keep mistaking me as anti-PAP or anti-establishment. I may have a rebellious streak but I am not anti-PAP. To put it plainly the current PAP is no longer the same pioneering one whom I had so much respect for. I attributed the current failure to 'group-think' and being surrounded with yes-men.

My deeper desire is to see Singaporeans to be able to apply critical thinking at the right time, to challenge the norms and status-quo, and with a thirst to question objectively without fear of repercussions - especially on the current policies that have large impacts to our future generations.

For example the 'Stop at Two' policy was a good policy at that time. However if we had more critical thinkers with different views to challenge it, we will uncover the long-term implications of stagnant population growth.

Likewise in our open-door foreign talent policy. I understand the government's concern on our ageing population and the need for better economic-drive. But having yes-men to support the policy will not help us to implement it well, and so we are now faced with social integration issues, transport woes, housing shortages and high prices, general hygiene, bad characters (Yang Yin?), increase in crimes plus many other factors. If only we had more voices.

Shall we continue further with casinos, GST, etc?

More often when I was living in Singapore, I feel we (including me) are just running programs for an end result or performing activities with a predefined outcome. There are hardly opportunities to cater for an 'out-of-the-blue' experience or unexpected result. It's all the same re-hashed 'don't try to rock the boat' methodology.

This 'been there, done that' itself is not a bad thing. But if we keep defining the boundaries and limiting our scope just to sustain or achieve the same expected result, how can we progress and witness something completely different. Or even experience the extraordinary, or have a life-changing journey?

We can be deep thinkers but can we also be broad and lateral thinkers? Do we have the capacity to embrace unexpected results without so much as tinkering the process with constraints to achieve a desired outcome?

The arrest of Amos Yee was never about Christianity, it never did.


Anonymous said...

Amos is more a "believer of jesus" than you, plus profanity

He preached bible to and at hypocrisy and religious idiots of the Christian faith

Anonymous said...

I came in thinking there would be meaningful reasons but all you had seem to be
"I am a Christian. It has never bothered me about people's criticism about Jesus or Christians. [Therefore] it is about insulting LKY and these pro-LKY and PAP supporters can't take it sitting down."
Seriously? I'm aware of, and glad that many Christians do the sensible thing and ignore/forgive the child, but I guess those others offended Christians - including one who wanted to cut off the boy's appendage' simply do not exist because you say so.

Anonymous said...

Next someone should write one "I'm a PAP supporter and it didn't offend me. It has to be the Christians." You would accept their argument, yes?

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous!
I find what you wrote very insulting and discriminating towards any religion. Have you ever heard of acceptance?
The boy is an attention-seeker in my opinion, so if you want to side with him, go ahead! Just don't cross the boundaries. There is a difference between constructive criticism and being plain rude. You are being plain rude!

Anonymous said...

Who did Amos target? JESUS? Let jesus speak up for himself. Otherwise, we assume jesus is fine with the insult.

Anonymous said...

And your religion preach forgiveness but practise otherwise? What a fucking hypocrite

Anonymous said...

And your religion preach love and forgiveness but you practise the opposite?
What a fucking hypocrite

Kaffein said...


"Who did Amos target? JESUS? Let jesus speak up for himself. Otherwise, we assume jesus is fine with the insult."

Amos targeted LKY. I assume LKY is fine by that coz he didn't sue Amos. Wait... LKY has passed away so can't sue.

Exactly, so why kick up a ruckus anyway? There has been so many 'wrong' seditious articles and youtube videos about Christianity. I don't see the publishers getting hauled to court?!

The movie Noah did so much injustice to Christianity that he should be charged.

Wait... the director is an athetist. That's even more funny.

And I don't see Christians threatening to kill him and his family or his crew.

It was never about Christianity, was it?

Kaffein said...

@Anon7:59am, and Anon8:01am,
"And your religion preach forgiveness but practise otherwise? What a fucking hypocrite"

I assumed you both are one and the same person.

Sorry I didn't see the comments filed under moderation. Probably becoz of your language.

I think you kinda mixed religion, forgiveness and motherhood statements all up.

To clear things up so that I can understand your one-liners:

1. Motherhood statements are usually employed to divert attention to something deeper that is troubling.

Did you have angst or anger about Christianity, or how did you somewhat have the sudden cuss or harsh verbal statement on hypocrisy?

Perhaps you have a wrong opinion about Christianity?

2. Let me reveal the truth about hypocrisy -

We are all hypocrites. That's why we need Jesus.

If you don't think you are one, then you need Jesus all the more.

Christianity is for hypocrites, sinners, outcasts, and yes f*cked-up people. Sorry for my french.

Not because we are forgiven but also because we through Christ will have the power to be saved and from that knowledge of salvation become better people.

Hence it is about hope.

Think you can handle some more?


Kaffein said...

...continuing where I left off. Whether you like it or not.

3. Forgiveness.

Why do you assume having forgiveness means no responsibility of one's action?

If John murders Smith, then John is accountable for his actions and will get life-time jail or a death penalty in some countries. Just like the Bali Nine found out.

They may receive Christ and be forgiven in God's eyes but they are still answerable to the laws of the country. If not there will only be confusion, havoc and mayhem in the country if the laws are not enforced.

However there was a Filipino gal who was spared. That is NOT forgiveness. That is MERCY.

Mercy means not receiving what one deserves.

When Christianity says forgiveness, it doesn't mean let bygones be bygones. It means, your debt of sin is being paid for by Jesus' death on the cross.

It doesn't mean all is forgotten. It simply means someone paid his life for yours while you lived. That is GRACE.

Grace means getting what you do not deserve.



Kaffein said...

4. Preaching the opposite.

Preaching and actions often are contrary to each other.

Just like a teacher encouraging you to not to be lazy but he/she may be lazy.

But that doesn't mean the teacher has to get his/her act right in order to discipline laziness, right?

Simple enough?

By the same token just because I preach forgiveness, doesn't necessarily mean I can forgive easily. But that doesn't mean I should not forgive, right?

Buddhists are encouraged to forgive. So do the major of the religions I know.

Can I call them hypocrites?


To sum it all, dude (assuming you are a guy):

Stop giving one-liners without substantiating your statements. Makes you look like a self-justified and self-righteous goondu.

And probably worse than Amos. At least he was clear in what he believed (albeit wrong) in his video.