Monday, August 06, 2012

China 1 Singapore 0

That is one sentence that sums all of my thoughts of the bronze Olympic medal.

Why? As an individual table-tennis player, Feng Tianwei deserved every praise and 'hurray' for her skills and prowess. It is no mean feat to get an Olympic medal albeit a bronze. Well done! You deserved the SGD250,000 given to you.

As a player representing the Singapore team, I will NOT credit you anything. Zilch, kosong. If she were to say the SDG250,000 meant nothing as it is a national pride and returned the prize money, I'll call her true-blue Singaporean. It's not the money reward but she was 'bought' from the beginning. In fact she'll be in the China B-team or C-team and will never make it in her home country.

But then who will be dumb enough to reject quarter of a million? Surely not me - I'll keep every single cent.