Thursday, January 27, 2011

So GE is coming soon

This is a short entry... I hope.

The usual daily activity for me is to check through the other blogsite links. While doing so, it dawned on me that I have been blogging since 2006. Wow... that's a good five to six years! Of course my readership pales in comparison to Mr Wang or mrbrown. It does not concern me because I never intended to compete with anyone.

So I started reading my first entry. Then the next and the next. I laughed at the cheeky entires when I blogged about games and missus. I treasured the innocence back then. Nothing heavy and thought-provoking. It started as a 'journal entry' blog which was hugely popular for startups - a capture of a significant footprint in one's life journey. Actually it was more like trying to fill in the pages. It felt like flipping through a photo album reminiscing past memories.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Indonesian maids' salary overtakes cleaning aunties' wages

More pay for new Indonesian maids by Saifulbahri Ismail
SINGAPORE - Indonesian domestic workers will soon cost more as agencies try to get more of them to work in Singapore.
MediaCorp has learnt that 17 employment agencies, who are major players in the market, will be increasing the monthly salaries of Indonesian domestic helpers from $380 to $450. The increment will take effect by this week and will only apply to new Indonesian maids.
Over the years, the supply of such helpers to Singapore has been dwindling as competition from places such as Hong Kong and Taiwan intensifies. Employment agencies indicate the shortage is severe. One solution - following a recent meeting between the agencies and maid suppliers from Indonesia - is to provide better salaries.
Nation Employment group director Desmond Chin said: "They are requesting us to match what is being paid to domestic helpers in Hong Kong, which is $650, and what is being in Taiwan, which is $800." - Today Online (read full report here)
Indonesian maids now have a minimal wage policy in Singapore but my local aunties and elderly folks cleaning toilets and clearing tables at hawker centres do not get them. Wow... just wow. *shakes head at the absurdity of it all*