Monday, August 17, 2015

Spoken Straight from the Heart

This article by another blogger (Think For Me, Singapore) spoke my heart out.

I am a Singaporean and will always be proud of my country of birth. But I really dislike how the country is run currently.

The PAP policies, the yes-men, the group-think mentality, the cold-heart attitude, the elitism, the meritocracy, the aristocracy, the controlled media, rising prices, paying their own million-dollar salaries, lack of transparency and accountability, etc. The list goes on. 

I'm not finding fault - we all know there is no perfect government in the world.

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Disease called 'SHEEPLE-CITIS' discovered in Singapore

Confirmed new disease discovered and already rampant in Singapore.

See it happening here (link) during a confrontation in an MRT train.


New disease commonly found in Singapore where people turn into sheep and refuse to think for themselves or for good of others unless the government tells them otherwise.

Keeping mum about an unjust event happening before one's eyes with the sudden urge to whip out one's mobile handphone to film it.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Smearing Campaign?

I am commenting on the article in Channel NewsAsia (link or read below). There are a few gaping loopholes in this article that are so alarming.

Without clarifications, it can skew a reader's understanding of the situation. Goodness can some investigative work be done before publishing?
  1. Were there handover issues from DBSS that put AHPETC into a risky situation in the first place?
    - This is akin to TOP date in Singapore where the developer has certain obligations to fulfil.
    "Temporary Occupation Permit(TOP) is a temporary permit to allow owner to occupy the building when the key regulatory requirements are met as it may take some time to obtain the Certificate of Statutory Completion(CSC). However, application may be made directly for a CSC when all the requirements have been complied with."
    - Without fulfilling the agreed handover items, how can any handover-takeover even happen?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Founding Father?

I don't have time to go digging through our National Archives to ascertain what Singapore was like in the 60s.

This pro-LKY supporter had claimed that LKY had turned a backward fishing village into the modern day Singapore as we know of today. He challenged me to prove otherwise and that he had read up extensively and I was well... wrong.

Basically I got lambasted for challenging the notion that LKY was Singapore's 'Founding Father'. I have been repeatedly told that I was disrespectful (and unfilial?).

Monday, May 04, 2015

Critical and critical voices - we need both

We all kinda figured out that the Singapore General Elections (GE) is near when the PAP starts:
  • Dishing out goodies and freebies,
  • Having widespread newspaper articles crowing about the PAP success stories,
  • Threatening us that with a bad dose of government and our mums and sisters will end up as maids,
  • Reminding us with knuckledusters and spurs that we will need to repent, etc.
Or come on an offensive approach to clamp down alternative or dissenting voices.

The latest victim of such 'culling' is the suspension the The Real Singapore (TRS) (link at

Update: I can no longer access the site :(

I reiterate - dissenting voices are actually both critical (fault-finding) and critical (essential) feedback to any organisation and country. Without which it will be hard for any  progress or break-away from the norm and think out-of-the-box.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Lesser of two evils

Which is of a lesser evil?
  1. Employee faking an academic qualification, or
  2. Employing company dissing the fake qualification as not required for hiring entry criteria
Allow me to state this clearly - I am NOT on a witch-hunt with regards to the recent degree mills saga. Neither am I 'bashing' the Foreignt Talent (FT) Immigrant Policy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Worse of two evils

Short and sharp for today's post -

How come we are 'crucifying' and charging a school-dropout and a rebel teenager who published his 'I hate LKY' video online with no threats of death and with the public braying for his blood (Amos Yee)


Attempting to understand and even showing sympathy to a scholar sponsored by taxpayers to study in Stanford University (mind you, it's Stanford!) with a predestined career to be a future CEO of a government-linked agency (Ouyang Xiangyu) but had tried to poison her schoolmates.

One no matter how many hate videos published can't make the dead come back to life; the other if poisoned successfully will make a live person dead.

One was not condonable, the other forgiveable.

One with pitchfolk mob and shouts of 'crucify him', the other 'let's understand what happened and the situation she was in'.

Hmm... Singapore, have we gone cuckoo?