Saturday, February 09, 2013

Singaporeans 1 PAP 1

With the 6.9 millions white paper endorsed by Parliament yesterday, I have only one sentence to say -

Singaporeans, you guys are 'screwed'!

Enjoy your sardine-packed and claustrophobic lifestyle with human bodies everywhere. I literally mean everywhere.

Imagine the social and health implications, imagine the challenges your next and next-next generations face, imagine the housing and transport woes, imagine the job opportunities given to 'outsiders'... to 6,900,000 humans on this tiny island, of which close to half of them are non-core or native-born.

Imagine. Just imagine.

Now go ahead and cringe.

For a good past ten years especially during office lunches with my colleagues and friends, whenever we brooch on the topic of politics and whatever opportunities I had, I often told them -

If they do not start to change their thinking about the current PAP and have good debates and voices FOR THE PEOPLE in Parliament,  the PAP is gonna 'screw' their lives so badly that one day they will wake up fearing for their future. Otherwise migrate while it is still possible and choose a quality life.

I think the day has come.

Back then other countries' immigration laws were favourable towards Singaporeans and many of us were young and eligible. Fast forward ten years, it is difficult to migrate now considering the age, work and family commitments.

In the end only one person took my advice. He is now in Sydney and his family will join with him very soon.

Well, 60.1% Singaporeans, this is the future PAP has given you. This is the PAP answer to your mandate. This is going to be a hard lesson and bitter medicine for you and your generations to come.

I am not sure if 2016 General Elections will make a difference.

It may be too late.
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Singaporeans 1 PAP 0

I gave a whooping shout of elation when I heard the results on the television last night.

First of all - congratulations to WP and their candidate Lee Lilian. Your face of a true-bred Singaporean heartlander, your 'I am just like you, struggling with current issues' identity and your 'down to earth' personality' struck a memorable chord with most of us. Kudos to you and your party's hard work!

Second - congratulations to Punggol-East residents for making a stand and choosing to voice out their discontentment through their votes. This is just a beginning.

Thirdly - This is a second straight loss by PAP since Hougang By-Election. And by some margin of votes to 'slap and wake them up'.

The PAP bench was all somber with downcast defeated faces. All their 'hard-sell' and/or 'soft-sell' of their candidates were washed down the drain. All their 'goodies now but take back later' policies have pushed many of us to our limits of endurance.

We are no longer patient with you after all these 20 - 30 years. And yes, we are 'repenting' as correctly mouthed by our great and venerable Leeder.

This is so much  of  deja vu of Aljunied GRC when our ex-Minister George Yeo and his team of high-flyers came a tumbling-down to planet earth. We do not want 'angelic beings' who play their golden harps in heaven and people in ivory towers and riding high horses to represent us.

Did you even listen to us? Did you hear what George Yeo said about how PAP must quickly change and adapt?

When Dr Koh campaigned his person as a 'Son of Punggol' and 'I am me', I scoffed.

How on planet earth or rather in Singapore of having a slew of qualifications under the meritocracy system,  having at least 10 titles or directorships to committees and boards, having heavy-weight Ministers and the Prime Minister himself vouch for you, plus 'I own two cars' -

Can you Dr Koh REALLY identify with us? Can you even be my mouthpiece in the parliament?

My strong opinion is that I want the PAP to form the government. They still have a pack of punch under their belt. They do have good MPs and Ministers. But I do NOT want them to have the majority.

It is akin to scoring an own goal when you turned a deaf ear to your once-faithful supporters.

The people have spoken, PAP.

Listen to them.
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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

China 2 Singapore 0

Happy 2013 to you and your loved ones!

This entry has been in draft for quite some time. About time I publish it.

I think China has just handed Singapore's ass to her when the SMRT bus drivers went on strike. China knows how weak our labour laws are. Like they care about our laws anyway.
SMRT bus drivers refuse to go to work
Monday, Nov 26, 2012 AFP
SINGAPORE - More than 100 mainland Chinese bus drivers in Singapore refused to work on Monday.
The drivers, disgruntled over their pay from state-linked transport firm SMRT, refused to board a shuttle that was going to ferry them from their dormitory to a nearby depot.
After talks with SMRT management with police on standby, the protesting drivers said they would report for work on Tuesday.

SMRT is 54 per cent owned by state investment firm Temasek Holdings.
Singapore has been hiring bus drivers from China and Malaysia because of a chronic shortage of manpower.
One of the Chinese drivers, who declined to be named, told reporters the dispute arose because they felt aggrieved over a disparity in pay between Chinese and Malaysian bus drivers.
Drivers from China earn a basic salary of S$1,075, while those from Malaysia earn S$1,375, the driver said.
The dispute was also about the lack of bonuses for Chinese bus drivers, he added.
The Ministry of Manpower issued a stern warning to the 102 drivers who took part in the stoppage, saying it "takes the workers' actions very seriously" and was closely monitoring the situation.
In a statement, the National Transport Workers' Union urged the Chinese drivers - who are not union members - to return to work immediately.
No major disruptions were reported during the work stoppage, which took place during Singapore's year-end school holidays, when demand for public transport is lower
So what if we deported those we thought are the masterminds behind the strike. For every one of them leaving, hundreds are waiting to take his/her place.

Someone told me this is how China political landscape works.

      Government < People < Police < Government

In Singapore many believes the godfather has the first place and the Singaporeans are probably the lowest in the food chain.

Your guess is as good as mine.
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Monday, August 06, 2012

China 1 Singapore 0

That is one sentence that sums all of my thoughts of the bronze Olympic medal.

Why? As an individual table-tennis player, Feng Tianwei deserved every praise and 'hurray' for her skills and prowess. It is no mean feat to get an Olympic medal albeit a bronze. Well done! You deserved the SGD250,000 given to you.

As a player representing the Singapore team, I will NOT credit you anything. Zilch, kosong. If she were to say the SDG250,000 meant nothing as it is a national pride and returned the prize money, I'll call her true-blue Singaporean. It's not the money reward but she was 'bought' from the beginning. In fact she'll be in the China B-team or C-team and will never make it in her home country.

But then who will be dumb enough to reject quarter of a million? Surely not me - I'll keep every single cent.

Back to the topic, you may ask if I am belittling her efforts or making hard for her. Or perhaps I was wee bit too harsh.

In no way. I have already said she deserved every single cent to her as an INDIVIDUAL player but not a player representing Singapore.

C'mon readers, where is the pride? I don't really care if other countries import players or not. This is Singapore - where Tan Howe Liang and Fandi Ahmad made it inspite of the odds. Even my netball 'auntie' Ivy Singh Lim deserves every respect if she represented Singapore.

Truth be told, I literally cheered for Derek Wong (badminton) during his matches. Serious, ask missus. And I am deeply grateful for Jasmine Ser (shooter), Gary Yeo (sprinter), sailing team, etc for their Olympic contributions to this tiny nation.

Heck, I was cheering for Malaysian Lee CW (badminton) during his final match against Chinese Lin Dan! My prediction - Lee CW is gonna be No. 1 soon if he keeps up his form. Fantastic play!

I admire a true-blue sportsman/woman who is a home-grown talent and has made it big in name internally.

Does Roger Federer ring a bell? He hails from Switzerland, a country with a meagerly 7.9 million population size. What about Bjorn Rune Borg? A Sweddish by blood whose country is a mere 9.4 million in size. These are defintely not 'Goliath' countries of sports people but definitely 'Davids' in world tennis.

I am proud when they represented their countries in Olympics. Not some imported players with the propaganda and hoo-har of the media crowing about them hailing from Singapore and winning a medal. Hey, I still have to reward her with SGD250,000. Tax-payers' money, mind you. It's not as if the government had the cheek to ask if I wanted to reward her.

If you 'lofty ministers and elites' were to take a step back, you'll probably find the true-blue Singaporean spirit and loyalty to Singapore when we band up against your FT polices. Stop telling us to integrate with these imports, rather you should be telling them to integrate with us. If not, they can jolly-well crawl back to their origin countries.

With all the ra-ra speeches by ministers including my PM on integration, they can shaft the medal up theirs.

No offense, sirs.
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Friday, March 02, 2012

Seriously, MP Chen's proposal a Nigerian scam?

Here is MP Chen Show Man's parliamentary speech (link here).  He was lambasted by MP Vikram Nair who called it a Nigerian scam.

Now that you have heard his speech, you tell me - is this a Nigerian scam as claimed by MP Vikram Nair?

Makes me wonder if PAP newbies are opposing for the sake of opposing, and are trying to make a mark for themselves to look good at the expense of the opposition.

Seriously Vikram, I will not label you as mute if you had just shut your gap and sit there to take your SGD$15k MP allowances plus whatever directorships you hold. I can see what kind of 'stringent' criteria the PAP has in selecting an MP - probably along the requirements of 'heartless', 'insensitive', and 'I hate very god-d*mn opposition against the PAP' will fit the bill. Erm, throw in 'foot stomping' and 'I don't inow what to say' criteria too. I gotta take a jab at Tin Pei Ling here.

Let me share some of the 'real scams' in my personal view:
  • $1.1 billion of taxpayer monies given to privatised transport companies who claimed to be public, and yet pay high dividends to their stakeholders. Duh?
  • "GST is to help the poor". Classic.
  • >$50 billion losses from two SWF entities without accountability. No heads were rolled.
  • A notorious limping terrorist escaped and no one knew how. No heads were rolled too. Oh my gosh!
  • "Housing is affordable". When pressed for land cost, it is 'state secret' and cannot be revealed.
  • PeOple'S Bank was given 'freely' to another bank on a silver platter. Thereafter a couple of fees were enforced which never happened before. People cried 'foul' and 'murder' but nothing happened.
  • Is CPF (in)directly linked with an investment house and a large conglomerate an urban legend? This is a black box because a minister first denied it and then backtracked to "It's not as simple as you think". Hahaha...
Oh well, I guess every Singaporean is a victim of Nigerian scams then.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hammered by the Hammer - MP Yaw

Latest update: MP Yaw Shin Leong got the hammer, er boot by the Workers' Party (link here).

Mixed feelings for me. Good call by WP to uphold integrity, transparency and principles. Bad call because he is a good MP.

Who says Singapore politics are boring?!!

Something I had in mind but never blogged when the case was brought up. Thanks to Redbean's blog that I have put my thoughts in his comments. I'd share it here:

To put the matter straight, I will like to state that I do not condone infidelity. Affairs outside marriage not only affect both parties but immediate families and kids.


It is funny how Singaporeans pick on 'yet to be proven' Yaw's infidelity and go on a witch hunt. Hmmm don't we have anything else better to do than to be judges? What crime did he commit?

Again I stress that I am not condoning his adultery, if assumed he did commit it.

Seriously if the affair had taken place in the past and he had since reconciled with his wife, what is the main issue to bring it up again? If his wife doesn't condemn him, who are we?

This event clearly shows that:
  • Singaporeans are generally not 'politically mature' enough to differentiate between political integrity and personal discretion.
  • We don't know what constitutes personal space vs public figures, and privacy vs rights.
  • We act no better than any paparazzi in digging past faults, and could jolly well end up like the ones who killed Princess Diana. We actually love to see 'blood spilled'.
  • We are deprived of good journalism with good insights and smart analysis. We have been fed too much with the MSM's style of dirty politics against oppositions and being the PAP's mouthpiece.
  • We have problems seeing our own shortcomings and sit on a high horse to sprout judging words or advice nobody cares. Sound familiar to a 90-yr-old man I once admired.
Stop this nonsense witch-hunting and fuelling useless talks of scandals.

C'mon Singaporeans - we can do better than that!
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Why don't you be the first to 'kee chiu'?

I read with bemusement at what Acting Minister Chan 'Kee Chiu' Chun Sing had said (see article below and in Today).

This is my response to him:

It is so easy for you to waive away the real reasons for joining politics. You are after all on the winning side - the incumbent party that forms the majority of the government. And the grossly overpaid minister.

In case you had forgotten your status, let me remind you - you are already in a position to command the astronomical sum of salary as a minister and receiving that sum of money every month. You are probably one of those who beams with delight whenever you receive your CPF statement.

Yet you trumpet exactly like someone who eats abalone daily and goes about boasting "I don't really need to eat abalone".

*sarcasm on* Gee, you really are so full of humility. *sarcasm off*

Here is my suggestion -
Why don't you grow some 'balls' and volunteer "I really am into joining a team that is not in it for the money. I, hereby declare today that I will take a salary of SGD250,000 annually."

*muted silence* Hello, anyone from PAP camp? *muted silence*

Why don't you be the first to 'kee chiu' and lead by example?

Like the army lingo goes - don't just 'talk cock, sing-song'; talk also must 'walk the talk'. If not it is just NATO (no-action, talk-only). Talk is free and cheap.

Translate: Simply means 'walk the bloody talk', can?!!

Frankly speaking Minster Chan, sir, no offence here -
I lost a huge chunk of respect for you when I heard your maiden speech during the General Elections 2011 last year. I felt you were trying too hard to impress and you definitely did not grow on me.

I was advised to give you time to prove your worth.

With these words you had mouthed in the article, in one fell swoop whatever opportunities and chances of changing my perception were lost. I would not even want to mention your name after this post again.

To me, you are just similar to many-a-mouthpiece I have been listening to all my life. You all come from the same cookie-cutter, 'manufactured source'.

Tell me something new, Minister Chan. If you think I have erred in my words, prove me wrong.

But before that, allow me to predict what the Salary Review outcome in Parliament will be:
Motion passed to accept the Salary Review Committee's recommendation
Is there anything new?

Just like the Transport Fare Review Committee. Just like the recommended $125mil flood map system. Just like "GST to help the poor".

Tell me something new and prove me wrong.

Kee chiu, anyone?
* 'Kee chiu' in Hokkien dialect means 'to raise a hand and volunteer'.

Point of note:
Spare me from your everyday examples like eating at hawker centres. Seriously you PAP suck big time at these because you sound so disconnected these days.

Political salaries: The key is to find the 'right balance'
Monica Kotwani 
SINGAPORE - Pay is not an issue for the team in government, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing said yesterday as political salaries took centre stage in the first ministerial community visit held since the General Election.
This has been his experience, he said, when asked whether the expected cut in ministerial pay would make ministers less motivated.
He said: "I don't think any one of them comes here for the money. They come here to provide a better life for the next generation ... One of the reasons I stepped forward was because I knew I was joining a team that was not here for the money."
The key is to find the right balance, he added.
"Money shouldn't be the one (factor) to attract them. On the other hand, money should also not be the bugbear to deter them," he said.
"(For example,) you go to Peach Garden, you eat the S$10 XO Sauce chye tow kuay (fried carrot cake), you can be quite happy, right? Because you're satisfied with the service and so on.
"On the other hand, you can go to a hawker centre, even if they charge you S$1.50, you might not want to eat it if the quality isn't good." (read more)
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