Monday, May 18, 2015

Founding Father?

I don't have time to go digging through our National Archives to ascertain what Singapore was like in the 60s.

This pro-LKY supporter had claimed that LKY had turned a backward fishing village into the modern day Singapore as we know of today. He challenged me to prove otherwise and that he had read up extensively and I was well... wrong.

Basically I got lambasted for challenging the notion that LKY was Singapore's 'Founding Father'. I have been repeatedly told that I was disrespectful (and unfilial?).

I was pretty certain from articles and photos from my history books of a very modern (in the 60s mind you) and exciting and vibrant Singapore - buzzing with trading activities, roads filled with cars and a loadful of rickshaws, prestigious clubs and elite joints and all those funky stuff and events we have in a modern city.

See video -> here.

Tell me what you see - a backward fishing village or a modern Singapore with cars and bustling commercial activities?

Well here is how modern Singapore was in the 60s...

...and you can shaft your 'Founding Father' godhood-title up yours where the light don't shine.

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