Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Coolin' off period for General Elections?

Anyone heard of a 'coolin' off' day before voting? Read here if you don't believe me.

Hmm... whoever gave such a highfalutin idea?

I have only known of someone getting 'heated up', or rather to be precise - 'lighted up' during a 'Meet the People' session. Surely I have never heard of anyone flamin' up before voting. Maybe only the human torch.

Perhaps the ugly truth is that the people have stored pent-up 'heat' throughout these years. Heated and worked up because they have not been voting for the past donkey years.

Or perhaps the day of elections will be a hot one. You know, higher mortals can predict 'golden era'. So one can surmise Election Day will be hot with a 'golden sun' in the sky.

Surely you would have thought Singapore being a developed country would have her mature citizens voting with their cool heads.