Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Transport Fares got increase or not? Make up your mind!

Seriously once I start writing it is hard to stop.

Let's  look at the title of the article and the last paragraph of this ridiculous report in Today Online (link) below.

Title -
Public transport fares may drop next year: Lui

Last Paragraph -
"But because the remaining 3.4 per cent was carried over, the fare adjustment quantum in this current exercise will be 2.8 per cent instead, he (Lui) added"

Are you confused? Is there a decrease or there isn't?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Huffington Post Responds to 'Kee Chiu' Minister

What can I say, Minister 'Kee Chiu' Chan Chun Sing?

After your 'failed' attempt to discredit Dr Chee Soon Juan via writing to Huffington Post (link here), you've gotten the whole social media's attention...

... in a very wrong way. You should have let sleeping dogs lie.

Everyone was buzz-ing with your petty thoughts on life's failures and elitism, your underhand mud-slinging through character assassination, and your low-down politicking when you threw your weight signing off as Minister for Social and Family Development in your letter to HuffPost.

Then Dr Chee did a brilliant master stroke of rebuttal (link here and here).