Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Huffington Post Responds to 'Kee Chiu' Minister

What can I say, Minister 'Kee Chiu' Chan Chun Sing?

After your 'failed' attempt to discredit Dr Chee Soon Juan via writing to Huffington Post (link here), you've gotten the whole social media's attention...

... in a very wrong way. You should have let sleeping dogs lie.

Everyone was buzz-ing with your petty thoughts on life's failures and elitism, your underhand mud-slinging through character assassination, and your low-down politicking when you threw your weight signing off as Minister for Social and Family Development in your letter to HuffPost.

Then Dr Chee did a brilliant master stroke of rebuttal (link here and here).

Not only did Dr Chee portrayed himself as the underdog to identify himself as a Singaporean commoner by highlighting PAP's self-righteous practice in "stigmatising failures",  he was able to bring forth humility, self-control and a quiet assertion in his response.

Yes the quiet type of assertion found in war veterans who fought real tough wars and bled, bearing battle scars.

Why do you think  Dr Koh Poh Koon failed and lost the Punggol East by-election? It attributed to elitism and inability to identify with common Singaporeans. Minister Chan, you aren't far off down that road.

Dr Chee has been bankrupted, jailed, wrongfully terminated from his job, hounded by policemen and 'crucified' by our state-owned media. What battle scars do you have, (Paper) General Chan?

As far as I can see you are nothing compared to Dr Chee. And you don't even have the balls to hold a live debate with him. Dr Chee threw down the gauntlet in your face.

If you still cannot understand what I am saying, simply put:

*You just got PWNED!

Of course in your smart-ass letter, you unwittingly dragged Straits Times through the mud. It was already soiled while poorly ranked 154th media in the world. But you had to drag it through another round of disgrace.

For one Straits Times refused to publish Dr Chee's two articles which Huffington Post did. Isn't it amazing some other country's media published them while the local media didn't? Whether the articles were 'rubbish' articles, HuffPost deemed it fit for readers' consumption. And left the readers to ponder and decide about those articles. Nanny-state, anyone?

Secondly Straits Times deemed it fit to want to edit a portion of Dr Chee's response which he rejected. By that token you have confirmed to the world that the press is pretty state-controlled and 'not so free'.

Thirdly when you rebuked Huffington Post, you have unknowingly 'stirred the hornets nest' and gave unwanted publicity to the articles and to yourself (in a negative way). Truth be told, I was not even aware of those articles. Now I do. Was your letter worth the effort, Minister Chan?

Well, Huffington Post (by New Nation) has given you a response (link here). And it poked fun at you in so many ways. Even dragging your colleague Minister Lawrence Wong into the picture.
Note: New Nation is a satirical site.

You PAP guys keep tripping over and providing me with an itch to write. From Minister Lawrence Wong to Minister Desmond Lee to MP Dr Lam Ping Min to Minister Lui Tuck Yew, etc.

Truth be told, you guys keep 'screwing' yourselves over and over again in your press statements.

In case readers think I'm anti-PAP. Let me quote you the reasons you gave why transport fares will still increase in spite of oil prices dropping to super-low!

"Mr Lui said that, "The fare formula is pegged to changes in the Core Consumer Price Index, Wage Index and Energy Index over the preceding year, and reflects the operating cost structure of the public transport operators."

Releasing press statements that blame the indices which you have set is a total no-brainer. To a lay-person and commoner, it does not make sense if oil prices drop and your transport cost goes up.

Another example by Minister for Trade and Industry Lim Hng Kiang:

"The fuel component of pump prices is not determined by the price of crude oil, but the price of refined products like petrol and diesel."

"Petrol companies also have to take into account non-fuel costs such as land and labour costs when setting their prices," he said.

Australia pegs the petrol prices to that of Singapore - so how do you explain that the petrol prices as of this writing at an Esso petrol station is 102.9c per litre (Australia cents)? Who sets the land costs but your ministry? Go jolly well change it!

Pushing the reasons in your press releases to everything from world prices, market forces, consumer index, etc... except pointing fault at your lousy policies and formula is NOT the way to go.

And yes I broke my hiatus with this post.

*The term 'pwned' implies domination or humiliation of a rival, used primarily in the Internet-based video game culture to taunt an opponent who has just been soundly defeated (e.g., "You just got pwned!").


Anonymous said...

You omitted to mention the latest letter from CSJ to ST rebutting a malicious lie about him plotting to remove Chiam See Tong as Secretary General of SDP repeated by this cowardly Paper General. In the official report of the case Chiam only stated that he believed that Wong Hong Toy plotted to oust him from the leadership and not Chee. Even the Judge stated that Chiam brought it upon himself the decision to expel him from the Party, and for that reason, awarded him 1/3 costs even though he succeeded in the action (on procedural grounds).

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, this is the headline published in Today, "Public transport fares may drop next year: Lui"

Liu is claiming a 0.6% DECREASE because instead of going ahead with a planned 3.4% increase, they are now only going to increase the fares by 2.8%. So there is your 0.6% fare REDUCTION.

This is why you need to kick these snake salesmen out of office.

Anonymous said...

PAP are looking strange as each dy goes by. too many yes men, and incompetent ones.
kee chiu has not even cut his teeth in the army ( which country promotes a soldier to chief of staff at such a rate, and the soldier has not been to the front line in wars...) and in government ( he got in thro technicalities and lky's coat tails ).
at least dr chee had the courage to fight the election, though he lost.
kee chiu should be a soldier and take on dr chee 1 on 1 in ocming ge, and lets see how it goes....

pap promotes people thro strange practices. they claim they need best men for jobs, but how did lui become xpport minister ( was he even S4 before? ), kee chui to social minister - what credentials did he have. and the former police chief to be pub man...wow someone needs to explain to me this skillset match..

Kaffein said...

Wow... this is even more STOOPID!

The main-stream media dares to blare out 0.6% decrease attributed to Lui TY as compared to highlighting the 2.8% increase.

Are you telling me that Lui stood for the common Singaporeans so he, against all odds, managed to decrease the fares to 0.6%?

Gee, am I supposed to have an orgasmic feeling?!!

Confirmed moron article by Today. Confirmed state-owned and controlled.

Shocked, speechless at sheer stupidity.


Anonymous said...

well... we are eagerly anticipating our press ranking to hit 160th position or higher officially. Certainly worth celebrating for one of the world's most expensive and bullshit government.