Saturday, February 09, 2013

Singaporeans 1 PAP 1

With the 6.9 millions white paper endorsed by Parliament yesterday, I have only one sentence to say -

Singaporeans, you guys are 'screwed'!

Enjoy your sardine-packed and claustrophobic lifestyle with human bodies everywhere. I literally mean everywhere.

Imagine the social and health implications, imagine the challenges your next and next-next generations face, imagine the housing and transport woes, imagine the job opportunities given to 'outsiders'... to 6,900,000 humans on this tiny island, of which close to half of them are non-core or native-born.

Imagine. Just imagine.

Now go ahead and cringe.

For a good past ten years especially during office lunches with my colleagues and friends, whenever we brooch on the topic of politics and whatever opportunities I had, I often told them -

If they do not start to change their thinking about the current PAP and have good debates and voices FOR THE PEOPLE in Parliament,  the PAP is gonna 'screw' their lives so badly that one day they will wake up fearing for their future. Otherwise migrate while it is still possible and choose a quality life.

I think the day has come.

Back then other countries' immigration laws were favourable towards Singaporeans and many of us were young and eligible. Fast forward ten years, it is difficult to migrate now considering the age, work and family commitments.

In the end only one person took my advice. He is now in Sydney and his family will join with him very soon.

Well, 60.1% Singaporeans, this is the future PAP has given you. This is the PAP answer to your mandate. This is going to be a hard lesson and bitter medicine for you and your generations to come.

I am not sure if 2016 General Elections will make a difference.

It may be too late.

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