Sunday, January 27, 2013

Singaporeans 1 PAP 0

I gave a whooping shout of elation when I heard the results on the television last night.

First of all - congratulations to WP and their candidate Lee Lilian. Your face of a true-bred Singaporean heartlander, your 'I am just like you, struggling with current issues' identity and your 'down to earth' personality' struck a memorable chord with most of us. Kudos to you and your party's hard work!

Second - congratulations to Punggol-East residents for making a stand and choosing to voice out their discontentment through their votes. This is just a beginning.

Thirdly - This is a second straight loss by PAP since Hougang By-Election. And by some margin of votes to 'slap and wake them up'.

The PAP bench was all somber with downcast defeated faces. All their 'hard-sell' and/or 'soft-sell' of their candidates were washed down the drain. All their 'goodies now but take back later' policies have pushed many of us to our limits of endurance.

We are no longer patient with you after all these 20 - 30 years. And yes, we are 'repenting' as correctly mouthed by our great and venerable Leeder.

This is so much  of  deja vu of Aljunied GRC when our ex-Minister George Yeo and his team of high-flyers came a tumbling-down to planet earth. We do not want 'angelic beings' who play their golden harps in heaven and people in ivory towers and riding high horses to represent us.

Did you even listen to us? Did you hear what George Yeo said about how PAP must quickly change and adapt?

When Dr Koh campaigned his person as a 'Son of Punggol' and 'I am me', I scoffed.

How on planet earth or rather in Singapore of having a slew of qualifications under the meritocracy system,  having at least 10 titles or directorships to committees and boards, having heavy-weight Ministers and the Prime Minister himself vouch for you, plus 'I own two cars' -

Can you Dr Koh REALLY identify with us? Can you even be my mouthpiece in the parliament?

My strong opinion is that I want the PAP to form the government. They still have a pack of punch under their belt. They do have good MPs and Ministers. But I do NOT want them to have the majority.

It is akin to scoring an own goal when you turned a deaf ear to your once-faithful supporters.

The people have spoken, PAP.

Listen to them.

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