Thursday, May 17, 2007

Call a spade, a spade

Let me try to clear some of my comments I've written:
  1. Whatever the case, whether there was a misunderstanding or not, the boy should not raise his hand against the bus-captain.


    He can kick up a ruckus, make a scene in the bus, escalated up to SBS, LTA, call his dad, whatever.

    No matter how else you turn here and there, the student has no business to hit anyone. Law has to be mete out. Think road bully. The one who hits out is the one who will pay.
  2. Second, the bus-captain (whether he is rude or not) is doing his job. He can, within his authority, confiscate the card.

    And the bus-reader does not tell lies: the card was an invalid card. Period.
  3. His father whether out of love, pity, disappointment, failure as a father, should actually teach his son basic principles:
    a. Don't raise your hands against anyone.
    b. Be a man. Live with your actions.
    c. Don't be like me, son.

    Let me ask some basic questions: Why did the father beg for forgiveness? Did you think the father is afraid that his son will go to jail? Or did you think the father was thinking: wah my son future gone liao?

    Do you think the father is sad becoz the bus-captain who was doing his job got beaten up? Do you think he cares how badly the old man was beaten up? Or was the father more concerned that the bus-captain will press charges against him?

    You tell me.

    Stop there and think: What if the bus-captain was your father? Will you forgive the son or will you too bash him up?

    Stop being chivalrous and noble here. Put yourself in the bus-driver's shoes. Or his family for the matter.
  4. What if the article had reported: Primary 8 student from 'lousy school' beat up bus-captain?

    Will we say, this student deserves punishment and go to boys' home? Get rid of this society outcast, he shouldn't be on our streets?

    What made this news interesting is that a student from such school should have the BRAINS and CHARACTER (though oft they don't go hand in hand nowadays) and not act like a hooligan?!!

    Do you think we'll listen to the Primary 8 student's response to the assualt? You tell me, huh?
  5. School counselling? ROFLMAO!

    Do you think the boy actually learn anything from it? Or have we just created a worse person when he thinks the society will be 'light' on his kind?

    Think Michael Fay? Perhaps another stroke of cane or two may do him more good.

    See what happens when his father, the media, the president cover his ass literally? He beat up his father. Did he learn anything actually?

    It's like a US article I've read: The counsellors send the school bully and hooligan for paid holidays because he was abused in his childhood. He needed to find his 'life' back.

    Get real! I want to be a bully too!
  6. Lastly, we don't need to be 'smart' people who try to look here and there, at different angles, defend the boy.

    Do you know what the word assualt means? Yeah it means assualt.

    So don't try to 'theorize' the episode, or blur the lines. Oh look at boy's side, his father's side, see he's got a lot of stress in top school, etc.

Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Call a spade, a spade.

Though at times, an IR is not a casino (in Singapore terms).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Parallel Similarities?

Just read about SHOCK OUTRAGE SHAME (Newpaper article about the Hwa Chong JC student assualting the bus driver).

Sorry for being slow in Singapore news. Australia doesn't give much coverage about Singapore. Not unless it's about Ministers' salaries. No joke!

I really wished the boy would get expelled from Hwa Chong and go to jail for the violent assualt. And the father should kick himself for not teaching his son properly. And the school should close down.

Imagine it's your father whom the boy hit. No qualms about it, you'll beat the living daylights out of him!

Going down to beg forgiveness for his son? Sacrificing - yes! Stupidity - absolutely!

So what did the son actually learn (or if he ever learnt from this episode)? That his pop can cover him anytime. That he can continue to 'whack' people because his father (maybe) has lots of $$$ and/or will get down on knees to plead for him.

Don't get me started about the school. Elite school, so what?

I don't see the boy being remorseful anywhere. Reminds me a lot like the Elite Girl Wee Su Min and her father.

I'd say let the court jail the boy. He's 17, damnit people! Stop covering his ass! He's eligible to be a father. He's close to holding a gun in NS by the time he reaches 18. He's chargable by law.

Boy = terrible,
Father = worse,
School = worst of the lot

What are we teaching our kids these days? Focus on academics, get a good job with money. You've made it in life. But just don't get a 'black record' with the police. Even if you did go wrong, papa and mama will cover you. I do know that if you have criminal records, you have very, very limited options for government posts.

Reminds me of Indian movies I've watched. A rich, well-educated boy rapes a farmer's girl. The father of the boy throws $1 mil to the farmer to settle the matter. Police and politicians side with the boy and father.

Sigh. Where is the sense of justice, we ask ourselves?!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sick... just sick!

I don't know the validity of this blog article (thanks to mrbrown). If it is true, I'm dumbstruck that even though we are considered a developed nation, such 3rd-world mindset still exists. Injustice, inhumane and just sick!

On a side note, Singapore has never known to be a haven for workers. I have been 'abused' with long working hours with the same pay. Yet I have to swallow it lest I lose my job.

Even though our pay is close to the global standards, most of us are working 2x man's work.

Employers' benefits? Absolutely.

Employees? Dream on.

Is this one of the reasons why I left Singapore? Heh... doesn't take a rocket scientist to piece the puzzle together.