Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Parallel Similarities?

Just read about SHOCK OUTRAGE SHAME (Newpaper article about the Hwa Chong JC student assualting the bus driver).

Sorry for being slow in Singapore news. Australia doesn't give much coverage about Singapore. Not unless it's about Ministers' salaries. No joke!

I really wished the boy would get expelled from Hwa Chong and go to jail for the violent assualt. And the father should kick himself for not teaching his son properly. And the school should close down.

Imagine it's your father whom the boy hit. No qualms about it, you'll beat the living daylights out of him!

Going down to beg forgiveness for his son? Sacrificing - yes! Stupidity - absolutely!

So what did the son actually learn (or if he ever learnt from this episode)? That his pop can cover him anytime. That he can continue to 'whack' people because his father (maybe) has lots of $$$ and/or will get down on knees to plead for him.

Don't get me started about the school. Elite school, so what?

I don't see the boy being remorseful anywhere. Reminds me a lot like the Elite Girl Wee Su Min and her father.

I'd say let the court jail the boy. He's 17, damnit people! Stop covering his ass! He's eligible to be a father. He's close to holding a gun in NS by the time he reaches 18. He's chargable by law.

Boy = terrible,
Father = worse,
School = worst of the lot

What are we teaching our kids these days? Focus on academics, get a good job with money. You've made it in life. But just don't get a 'black record' with the police. Even if you did go wrong, papa and mama will cover you. I do know that if you have criminal records, you have very, very limited options for government posts.

Reminds me of Indian movies I've watched. A rich, well-educated boy rapes a farmer's girl. The father of the boy throws $1 mil to the farmer to settle the matter. Police and politicians side with the boy and father.

Sigh. Where is the sense of justice, we ask ourselves?!!

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