Monday, January 16, 2012

Why don't you be the first to 'kee chiu'?

I read with bemusement at what Acting Minister Chan 'Kee Chiu' Chun Sing had said (see article below and in Today).

This is my response to him:

It is so easy for you to waive away the real reasons for joining politics. You are after all on the winning side - the incumbent party that forms the majority of the government. And the grossly overpaid minister.

In case you had forgotten your status, let me remind you - you are already in a position to command the astronomical sum of salary as a minister and receiving that sum of money every month. You are probably one of those who beams with delight whenever you receive your CPF statement.

Yet you trumpet exactly like someone who eats abalone daily and goes about boasting "I don't really need to eat abalone".

*sarcasm on* Gee, you really are so full of humility. *sarcasm off*

Here is my suggestion -
Why don't you grow some 'balls' and volunteer "I really am into joining a team that is not in it for the money. I, hereby declare today that I will take a salary of SGD250,000 annually."

*muted silence* Hello, anyone from PAP camp? *muted silence*

Why don't you be the first to 'kee chiu' and lead by example?

Like the army lingo goes - don't just 'talk cock, sing-song'; talk also must 'walk the talk'. If not it is just NATO (no-action, talk-only). Talk is free and cheap.

Translate: Simply means 'walk the bloody talk', can?!!

Frankly speaking Minster Chan, sir, no offence here -
I lost a huge chunk of respect for you when I heard your maiden speech during the General Elections 2011 last year. I felt you were trying too hard to impress and you definitely did not grow on me.

I was advised to give you time to prove your worth.

With these words you had mouthed in the article, in one fell swoop whatever opportunities and chances of changing my perception were lost. I would not even want to mention your name after this post again.

To me, you are just similar to many-a-mouthpiece I have been listening to all my life. You all come from the same cookie-cutter, 'manufactured source'.

Tell me something new, Minister Chan. If you think I have erred in my words, prove me wrong.

But before that, allow me to predict what the Salary Review outcome in Parliament will be:
Motion passed to accept the Salary Review Committee's recommendation
Is there anything new?

Just like the Transport Fare Review Committee. Just like the recommended $125mil flood map system. Just like "GST to help the poor".

Tell me something new and prove me wrong.

Kee chiu, anyone?
* 'Kee chiu' in Hokkien dialect means 'to raise a hand and volunteer'.

Point of note:
Spare me from your everyday examples like eating at hawker centres. Seriously you PAP suck big time at these because you sound so disconnected these days.

Political salaries: The key is to find the 'right balance'
Monica Kotwani 
SINGAPORE - Pay is not an issue for the team in government, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing said yesterday as political salaries took centre stage in the first ministerial community visit held since the General Election.
This has been his experience, he said, when asked whether the expected cut in ministerial pay would make ministers less motivated.
He said: "I don't think any one of them comes here for the money. They come here to provide a better life for the next generation ... One of the reasons I stepped forward was because I knew I was joining a team that was not here for the money."
The key is to find the right balance, he added.
"Money shouldn't be the one (factor) to attract them. On the other hand, money should also not be the bugbear to deter them," he said.
"(For example,) you go to Peach Garden, you eat the S$10 XO Sauce chye tow kuay (fried carrot cake), you can be quite happy, right? Because you're satisfied with the service and so on.
"On the other hand, you can go to a hawker centre, even if they charge you S$1.50, you might not want to eat it if the quality isn't good." (read more)
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