Friday, March 02, 2012

Seriously, MP Chen's proposal a Nigerian scam?

Here is MP Chen Show Man's parliamentary speech (link here).  He was lambasted by MP Vikram Nair who called it a Nigerian scam.

Now that you have heard his speech, you tell me - is this a Nigerian scam as claimed by MP Vikram Nair?

Makes me wonder if PAP newbies are opposing for the sake of opposing, and are trying to make a mark for themselves to look good at the expense of the opposition.

Seriously Vikram, I will not label you as mute if you had just shut your gap and sit there to take your SGD$15k MP allowances plus whatever directorships you hold. I can see what kind of 'stringent' criteria the PAP has in selecting an MP - probably along the requirements of 'heartless', 'insensitive', and 'I hate very god-d*mn opposition against the PAP' will fit the bill. Erm, throw in 'foot stomping' and 'I don't inow what to say' criteria too. I gotta take a jab at Tin Pei Ling here.

Let me share some of the 'real scams' in my personal view:
  • $1.1 billion of taxpayer monies given to privatised transport companies who claimed to be public, and yet pay high dividends to their stakeholders. Duh?
  • "GST is to help the poor". Classic.
  • >$50 billion losses from two SWF entities without accountability. No heads were rolled.
  • A notorious limping terrorist escaped and no one knew how. No heads were rolled too. Oh my gosh!
  • "Housing is affordable". When pressed for land cost, it is 'state secret' and cannot be revealed.
  • PeOple'S Bank was given 'freely' to another bank on a silver platter. Thereafter a couple of fees were enforced which never happened before. People cried 'foul' and 'murder' but nothing happened.
  • Is CPF (in)directly linked with an investment house and a large conglomerate an urban legend? This is a black box because a minister first denied it and then backtracked to "It's not as simple as you think". Hahaha...
Oh well, I guess every Singaporean is a victim of Nigerian scams then.

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