Monday, August 06, 2012

China 1 Singapore 0

That is one sentence that sums all of my thoughts of the bronze Olympic medal.

Why? As an individual table-tennis player, Feng Tianwei deserved every praise and 'hurray' for her skills and prowess. It is no mean feat to get an Olympic medal albeit a bronze. Well done! You deserved the SGD250,000 given to you.

As a player representing the Singapore team, I will NOT credit you anything. Zilch, kosong. If she were to say the SDG250,000 meant nothing as it is a national pride and returned the prize money, I'll call her true-blue Singaporean. It's not the money reward but she was 'bought' from the beginning. In fact she'll be in the China B-team or C-team and will never make it in her home country.

But then who will be dumb enough to reject quarter of a million? Surely not me - I'll keep every single cent.

Back to the topic, you may ask if I am belittling her efforts or making hard for her. Or perhaps I was wee bit too harsh.

In no way. I have already said she deserved every single cent to her as an INDIVIDUAL player but not a player representing Singapore.

C'mon readers, where is the pride? I don't really care if other countries import players or not. This is Singapore - where Tan Howe Liang and Fandi Ahmad made it inspite of the odds. Even my netball 'auntie' Ivy Singh Lim deserves every respect if she represented Singapore.

Truth be told, I literally cheered for Derek Wong (badminton) during his matches. Serious, ask missus. And I am deeply grateful for Jasmine Ser (shooter), Gary Yeo (sprinter), sailing team, etc for their Olympic contributions to this tiny nation.

Heck, I was cheering for Malaysian Lee CW (badminton) during his final match against Chinese Lin Dan! My prediction - Lee CW is gonna be No. 1 soon if he keeps up his form. Fantastic play!

I admire a true-blue sportsman/woman who is a home-grown talent and has made it big in name internally.

Does Roger Federer ring a bell? He hails from Switzerland, a country with a meagerly 7.9 million population size. What about Bjorn Rune Borg? A Sweddish by blood whose country is a mere 9.4 million in size. These are defintely not 'Goliath' countries of sports people but definitely 'Davids' in world tennis.

I am proud when they represented their countries in Olympics. Not some imported players with the propaganda and hoo-har of the media crowing about them hailing from Singapore and winning a medal. Hey, I still have to reward her with SGD250,000. Tax-payers' money, mind you. It's not as if the government had the cheek to ask if I wanted to reward her.

If you 'lofty ministers and elites' were to take a step back, you'll probably find the true-blue Singaporean spirit and loyalty to Singapore when we band up against your FT polices. Stop telling us to integrate with these imports, rather you should be telling them to integrate with us. If not, they can jolly-well crawl back to their origin countries.

With all the ra-ra speeches by ministers including my PM on integration, they can shaft the medal up theirs.

No offense, sirs.
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