Friday, October 13, 2006

YAI (Yet another idiotic) bitter aftertaste

(append) QQ*librarian has kindly included the newspaper article as a comment. Thanks!

Which is worse? To have ash and soot up your nose and in your mouth? Or have someone clogging your ears by spewing nonsensical statements?

In this case, my grouch is against this Indonesian minister guy who has either too much sooty air in his brain that clouded his judgment, or he has inhaled too much haze that has virtually killed off his intelligent (if any) brain cells.

If you have read what he said with regards to the haze issue, you'll agree with me. (I could not find the article on the web, so I'm paraphrasing. I'll post what he actually said when I find it.)

He mentioned something along the line of :
For years, Indonesia has been providing good quality oxygen to our neighbours (Singapore, Malaysia) through our XXX hectares of land. They should be grateful for the clean air given and thank us. Now they should not 'complain' about the bad air quality.

Er sir, with all due respect, it's like farting in an air-conditioned car with Singapore and Malaysia as your passengers. And then you do something stupid like:
  1. Fault the driver for using the air-con. Or it's nobody's fault since the car came along with an air-con system.
  2. Tell your passengers to wind down the windscreens and breathe (whereas for this hazy case, Singapore and Malaysia don't have a friggin' choice. We share the same air).
  3. Tell your passengers that they have a choice not to breathe for the next 3 months.
  4. Pull out a couple of bags filled with oxygen and sell them at an exorbitant price to pay off your debts.
  5. Quote from a farmer and blame it on the wind direction. You know, Mother Nature's fault for farting in the wrong direction.

Yeah right, the car-maker forgot to cater for an intelligent system to detect fart and divert the air elsewhere, lest your passengers die of suffocation.

If I was the car-maker, I'll install an eject-seat function for morons like you.

I mean, what the...? People can actually get away saying that?

Let me spell it clearly to you:
I didn't start the haze problem. You did. I didn't set the forests on fire. Your farmers /culprits did. I didn't complain until it got so bad that my eyes started to smart. And my family is having flu-like symptons. You didn't pay my medical bills.

So which part you don't understand?

If you have a huge glass dome over your country and you are burning your forests down and killing all your own citizens with your own actions, that's your problem.

But when your problem becomes my problem, I have every right to complain and re-arrange your face.

It's like people who smoke all the days of their lives and then get diagnosed with nose/throat cancer, they sue the tobacco company. Or people who keep up-sizing their Mcdonald's meal and then sue the company for their obesity and over-eating.


Who knows, probably he is rich enough to buy oxygen tanks and masks for his family and kids.

I don't.

And I speak for the majority of the Singaporeans and Malaysians who suffer at your YAI actions and words.


QQ*librarian said...

Using my librarian skills, I have found the article for you.

Be grateful forests provide oxygen: Jakarta minister
250 words
12 October 2006
Straits Times
(c) 2006 Singapore Press Holdings Limited

SINGAPOREANS and Malaysians who complain about the haze caused by fires in Indonesia should be fair, said Indonesia's Forestry Minister.

They ought to reflect on how they have never thanked their neighbour for the oxygen produced by its forests, he said.

Describing the complaints as 'natural', Mr M.S. Kaban was quoted in Tuesday's evening daily Sinar Harapan as saying: 'Our forests produce oxygen which makes the air cool for them, but they have never been grateful.

'Now that there is haze, they complain. There should be a balance.'

It was not the first such sentiment expressed by an Indonesian politician.

In July, South Sumatra's regional paper Sriwijaya Post reported a legislator making identical remarks during a working visit to the region responsible for a large number of hot spots.

Commenting on pressure on Indonesia to ratify a regional anti-haze agreement, Mr Nazarudin Kiemas had said that the world owed Indonesia for the oxygen the country produces.

A member of the parliamentary commission on the environment which is leading deliberations on ratifying the pact, he added: 'But we are not calculative, as we believe in being good neighbours. And we hope for the same from others.'

The commission has also publicly stated that ratification could be used as a tool by Indonesia to negotiate environment-related concessions from other Asean countries, such as stopping Malaysian companies from buying illegally logged timber from Indonesia.

Kaffein said...

Woot, nice. Thanks a million.

tiny digit said...

similarity in Singapore now.

I raise MY pay, because I need the pay to keep me from being uncorrupted and clean. I need my pay to do Singapore good. I cannot get the pay, I would possibility jump ship, but then it is all you fault since you voted me in :)