Monday, January 14, 2008

More pictures, more family fun

Blessed New Year!

Yes it is going to be a wonderfully blessed year because Jesus has already prepared the year ahead of us. He is the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.

I've tried painting the house. BIG house. Not that I could not make it but I was only ONE man! And from the looks of it - it might take >1 month. Too slow... we finally called professional painters to complete the work.

Bah, lazy Singaporeans. *grins*

Rachel had just celebrated her 5th birthday on 6 Jan! I have just changed job. I will be starting at the new place on 21 Jan.

See? January alone is already wrought with wonderful changes. How much more will the rest of the year bring in more harvest and goodness as His favour shines upon me and my family!

But what about the bad knocks in life, you might ask?

To that I will ask: what about the heroes of faith in Hebrews? Was Samson perfect? Did not Abraham lie? Yet in spite of their 'wrongs', the Holy Spirit recorded none of them in the Hebrews Hall of Heroic Faith!

The reason is simple. God sees the good, man focuses on the bad. God keeps no record of our wrong-doings because He always sees the best of us in Christ Jesus.

Thus I can be assured that whatever lemon life throws at us, God turns it into lemonade.

It will definitely be a blessed year ahead for us. Simply because my God is a good god. And He loves me.

More settled down now and I had just managed to peruse the past photos I've transferred from camera to PC. Enjoy!

School Excursion (17 Oct 2007)

See how Rachel has grown. She's a big girl now!

(above right) Rachel and good friend Gabe
(below) Rachel with her classmates

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