Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So busy I hardly have enough sleep

I'm so busy at my new job.

I have been thrusted into the deep end of the pool, which is the implementation phase. Some colleague had asked me: What did you say during the interview so much that they threw you straight into the implementation phase of this program? They are the worst kind of projects you want to do.

This program (collection of projects) which I am involved in is a very, very visible project. Our client is a major player in Australia. And the stakes are very high too. There are a lot of senior level management folks eyeing the status of this program every other day.

From the moment I joined since late Jan this year, I had my weekends 'burnt'. Once I had to work for a total of 76 hours in a week. Another implementation saw me with 46 straight hours without sleep. It's akin to playing a game with high stakes. The difference is that I don't get to 'reload the game' if it fails.

So I apologize for not updating my blog for the past couple of weeks.

I did manage to squeeze in some famliy time though. During one of those rare weekends in which I did not have an implementation (there was an implementation actually but it got postponed. Boy, did God know I needed that rest!), we visited the Melbourne Aquarium. I had taken some photos but I am too busy and tired to upload them.

During these times of 'trials and long-suffering', I clinged unto the verse in Exodus in which God told Moses to throw a branch into the waters of Marah (which means bitterness). The waters immediately became sweet and the people could drink it. It became life-giving.

Jesus is the Branch (of Jesse, see Isaiah) in the situation I'm in.

Where He is, there is always sweetness and fragrance. Where there is death, He is Life. Where there is lack, He is my abundance. Where there is dryness, He is the refreshing rain.

So in all my project implementations, the results are always successful. Each and every single time. Even in the midst of extreme challenges and near backout/rollback, Jesus came in and brought life to the dying and hopeless siutations. Just when everyone wanted to give up, everything clicked and fell into place.

It was as if i had conjured up some miracle and brought the schedule back on track. The truth is I did no such thing. I just rested in Him - the battle belongs to the Lord.

I have had rave reviews about my project executions coupled with many commendations from my stakeholders. My 'style' of project execution had been a role model for the other project managers to follow. The senior management is now giving me bigger and harder projects to implement.

Am I that capable or intelligent? I honestly don't think so. Could I multi-task well and manage so many people and track every individual activity? Ask my missus and you'll know that I could hardly hear her calling me while watching TV.

But I know someone who can. His name is Jesus.

He is the Branch in my bitter waters of Marah. He is the one who spoke "I AM" to the legions of Roman soldiers and they fell before Him. He is the one who calmed the raging seas with a word, "Shalom (be still)!".

He is my Shalom. May He be yours too.

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