Sunday, June 08, 2008

Wasted potential by Chua Lee Hoong

I chuckled at the absurdity of this Singapore Straits Times article penned by Chua Lee Hoong (THINKING ALOUD - The squandered potential of Chee Soon Juan).

Linked the article from another blogsite as I have to subscribe to ST to get the article. *mutters*

Is it because she has never seen CSJ 'grilling' our beloved MM and PM? If you read the transcript post below, I thought CSJ was pretty prepared, sharp and knowledgable. Imagine the stress he has to go through in defending himself, and also in knowledge of the few supporters he has. He's like an egg smashing against a wall.

Yet in spite of the challenges, I think he handled himself well. In fact, my respect for him has gone up a notch.

What was she thinking again? First she flames the bloggers in a previous article for them being critical of the government's handling of the Mas Selamat saga. Now she states CSJ is wasting his potential.

Is she advocating that one has to join PAP in order to be considered using his potential well? Does one has to align himself with the idealogy of the incumbent party to be potentially useful? Then people like Martin Luther King would be considered wasting his time and potential.

I'm sorry to say, Miss Chua Lee Hoong, not everyone is like you.

PS. If CSJ and SDP are not all credible an opposition as you claim, why are you writing a full article to 'condemn' him and smear his name over the mud? Gutter journalism, I'd say.

What has ST become seriously? *shakes head in disbelief*

Anyway, you gotta see this video.

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Chee Wai Lee said...

Hey Kaffein!

It's interesting how we both came to different conclusions from the same transcripts (and oh, I agree wholeheartedly with the frustration that I had to get it off some blog)!

I'll admit I'm fairly biased against Dr Chee. I'd like to state that there's no ill-will there, however. Just a sense of frustration that he never seems to make sense to me.

Chee Wai