Friday, January 09, 2009

Take your pick: Do the twist or kangaroo hop?

Gee, I like kangaroos but I think it's gonna get the ban in Singapore.

After reading this article, you'll probably be hopping 'mad' with:
  • Apathy...if you are Singaporean
  • Glee ...if you are from the incumbent party in Singapore
  • Anger ...if you are a Singaporean Opposition member
  • Disbelief ...if you are a just and upright judge or person
  • Laughter ...if you are from a democratic nation in the West
AG Walter Woon says, “When discussion of a court’s judgments becomes an attack on a judge or the judiciary, then the law of contempt of court steps in.”

Does that statement sound like a threat to you, to put so much fear into you that you'll never question the judgement?

I'll do the twist anytime then.

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