Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art, or no art?

Art is art when it is painted on a canvas to be admired. Art is vandalism when it is painted in public places and taxpayers have to dish out monies to clean up the mess.

There is a place for art. Public property is not my style. So keep your 'artwork' and spraycans for home use.

Swiss, no Swiss - welcome to Singapore. That goes for the rest of foreigners or tourists coming into Singapore. I'd rather keep my city clean, clinical even to the extend of 'fake' creativity than to be awashed with all kinds of so-called 'artwork'.

You are a smart man according to your job title, Mr Fricker.

Have you ever wondered why there isn't even a tinge of artspray on the MRT trains? Someone would have done what you did eons ago if graffiti had been allowed in Sinagpore. And you wouldn't even have a space to display your 'art'.

And I reckon the first person will be a government minister to do an opening ceremony before any others can do it.

Not even a love proclamation for our great Leeder can get you off the hook as a man found out (read here).

Be thankful you did not earn your stripes as a certain Michael Fay learnt 10 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Fuck off

Kaffein said...

To this 'courageous' Anon4:07, did you decide to show the world how wonderful your 'outrageous' graffiti ended on my blogsite? It says alot about you and your character and justified what I had written.

Is that all you have you in vocabulary? Or do you have more intelligible words beyond your limited mono-cell brain can think off?

*rolls eyes*

Adina said...

Hi Kaffein,

Adina here. Back in Singapore after my course in melbourne ended in Dec 09. Just want to thank you for your offer to give me a lift to Citylife. Just want to say that your directions are very precise and accurate! ;)

Anyway, re-reading some of your post again to remind myself to trust in God's faithfulness and to seek him as to whether I should make my move to Australia and what job should I do etc as I just got my PR.

The future is so overwhelmingly unknown but i guess through your posts, God reminded myself that Faith is the substance of things hoped for but yet unseen.

Anyway, thanks again and Im sure you and your family are highly favoured, deeply blessed and greatly loved!