Friday, November 26, 2010

I just don't know where to start... smells fishy?

I happened to read an article (read here) about a cyclist being 'bumped' off while he was cycling in the early morning at 5:15am along Holland Road.

Hmmm more suitable words would be 'kena bang' (Singlish for 'woefully hit by car') and 'bwang until jialat' (Singlish for 'thrown off badly') because the driver thought it was a large tree branch! And to say that the continued scapping noise she heard in the undercarriage for the next 2km was that same trunk branch is an understatement. That MUST have been a SUPER-DUPER-KINGSIZED trunk branch of a tree! This 'cock-eyed' driver should have been banned for life for a complete failure to differentiate between a trunk branch and a human being.

Most of us, if not ALL of us, would have stopped and stepped out to check. Why? Because we all know how riduculously expensive cars are in Singapore. To ignore the sound is so incredulous.

Worse of all, to put the blame on the Lexus sound-proofing was even more incredible! How moronic can it get? Can the victim sue Lexus for designing such an 'interiorly quiet' car? Gee I'd reckon she was blasting her Zouk music in the car, or perhaps her ears had popped due to the exceedingly high-decibelled music on the dancefloor.

As in the recent suspected murder case (read here), does it mean that if a child was thrown off the 12-storey HDB flat, the maid can plead the flat was built too high and it was not her fault that the child died? "Sir, gravity's fault for making your daughter hit the ground so hard." Maybe she can claim it was a bamboo pole which had fallen down because she was tired and did not notice.

Hello? Anybody home?

And the verdict from the Judge leaves me reeling in disbelief and disdain. Like huh, are you nuts?!! Nothing was mentioned about driver's alchohol limit and her state of being to drive safely. Hey, Mr Judge, it's Zouk for you. You don't just go there to 'look for your cousin' and then go home. Tell me, was she in her pyjamas and dressed-down clothes, or was she in the 'ciong' mode of attire? Can the police investigator ask if there were witnesses who had seen her partying and drinking?

Shessh, what an absurd statement... 'look for cousin'. At Zouk. The prosecutor was plain lousy to the point it 'felt' like it was all rigged against the cyclist. He had better find another career instead of the legal profession. Utter failure.

Why am I so uptight, one may ask?

For one, if the victim had been someone of significance or related to the 'high and mighty' group of people, this Cleopatra would have ended up 'brutally knifed' like Julius Caesar. She would not even get a chance to pay a paltry SGD$2400 fine. Her 'Cleopatra' face will be splashed across the papers and she'd be thrown in jail. No two-ways about it. Just ask the rag-and-bone guy who threatened to hurt MP Denise Phua. He did not even get a chance to hit the MP yet, I assure you, and he was hauled up into court. I am certain the prosecutor will not be someone of the same calibre as the prosecutor of this case.

Another point of note is the driver would definitely not get away with just a meagre monetary fine. I know in Australia, cyclists are a protected group of road-users. The road is considered a shared pathway for both vehicles and cyclists. There will not only be a public outcry, there will be call for blood on the judge should the driver escape with a small fine. I believe she will be minimally suspended from driving and thrown in jail.

The judicial system ought to protect victims. In this case it failed miserably.


Teabie said...

Aiyo, poor thing.

Yes, cyclists are protected species here in Australia. I guess it's still something which I need to remind myself whilst driving, because they either cut into my lane, take up too much space in a lane so that they hold up traffic, or become really absurd and cut across lanes thinking they can outcycle cars. Otherwise, both motorists and cyclists can co-exist well.

In all seriousness, motorists still need to be aware of what's going on. Human lives are at stake. Dunno wot that motorist was thinking of... seriously. U get small fry prosecutors for small fry cases, I guess. Sigh. Nothing has changed a lot back home, I see! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?