Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where is the line?

Before people start a 'flame war' about my post, let me put forth a few choice words:
  • This is MY blog and my personal opinion. I do not represent any of the churches mentioned.
  • This post is NOT to justify an apology, nor is it to apologise for being a Christian.
  • I understand the Religious Act. I do not intend to offend anyone and I will not tolerate offensive remarks to other religions in the comments.
I refer to this article "New Creation Church pastor apologises" from Today (read here).

To the recent witch-hunts on Christian churches and organisations especially Lighthouse Evangelism, City Harvest and New Creation Church:

What is your problem?!!

Seriously I have met many people cussing under their breaths the name of Jesus. Especially so when they are in serious trouble or whenever they are faced with intimidating challenges: F-Jesus. We know what the 'F' stands for.

You don't see me making a mountain out of a molehill. I don't even frown at it because His name is far above all other names. That is enough for me. He doesn't need me to 'stand up' for His name. He can take care of Himself, thank you.

That goes for people who want to say about Christianity, the holy goat (as in 4 Weddings and A Funeral) or even about God. They can say all they want until the moon turns blue or kingdom comes. I take no offense at all because I don't expect those who are not of the same faith to know the truth. Truth as in the gospel truth.

I wonder why is a copyrighted video put in YouTube? Is it really to share the 'truth'? I smell an intent to tear a great church down and get an europhic feeling that 'It is I who have brought this giantic religious organisation down on its knees'.

Gee... allow me to share my thoughts - it's not going to change anything. Really it doesn't.

Because these churches aren't build by human hands. Jesus did by His blood. That said, churches are still run by humans who are fallable.

Are churches above the law of a country? Of course not! They are accountable to what they say. If you have seen the video, it does not bode on 'making fun' of other religions. And that goes to say about Lighthouse Evangelism sermons too. They were meant for their congregation who understands the context of the message.

Well bad publicity is still publicity. And all we know that these churches will continue to grow from strength to strength in numbers and miracles.

My opinion is that their senior pastors understand, believe and practice the principle of 'Reap what you sow'. To clarify this verse, it does not refer to sins but rather generous giving as in the context of Paul's letter. Thus I won't be surprised if  their members give generously too. And a good steward manages the finance God has blessed him with well.

Recently I have seen awesome church buildings in Singapore. All I can say is 'Thank you Jesus'. Why?

Imagine you toured Taj Mahal. Would we think what a selfish king he was to spend so much of his wealth on a single woman who had died? No we will rather be awed by its beauty and structure, even more touched by the story behind its origin - the love for his queen. Read here.

Or what if King Solomon's temple is still standing today? Will we think Solomon is so unwise to squander all his wealth on a temple? Of course not! When one knows the Source of his blessings, he will bless the Blesser who had made him rich.

Out of the overflowing blessings we have received, we have buildings to magnify the greatness of His love for us. He died to give us all that He had. That is how Jesus is to us. God blesses us according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Even the cathedrals in Europe are awesome in wonder and splendour. That was years and years ago. How much more will His church grow from glory to glory each day!

I have said time and again, if a Muslim were to stand up for his faith and call other religion followers or non-believers as 'infidels' (as quoted in the Qur'an), he will be highly regarded for his faith.

But when a Christian compares his faith with other religions and shares about the absurdity of them, he will be condemned with intolerance and arrogance.

Take your pick - infidel, or misguided in faith.

It is no wonder Paul had so many hardships in telling people the gospel truth. The question is not whether he is telling the truth but rather do people want to be set free.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art, or no art?

Art is art when it is painted on a canvas to be admired. Art is vandalism when it is painted in public places and taxpayers have to dish out monies to clean up the mess.

There is a place for art. Public property is not my style. So keep your 'artwork' and spraycans for home use.

Swiss, no Swiss - welcome to Singapore. That goes for the rest of foreigners or tourists coming into Singapore. I'd rather keep my city clean, clinical even to the extend of 'fake' creativity than to be awashed with all kinds of so-called 'artwork'.

You are a smart man according to your job title, Mr Fricker.

Have you ever wondered why there isn't even a tinge of artspray on the MRT trains? Someone would have done what you did eons ago if graffiti had been allowed in Sinagpore. And you wouldn't even have a space to display your 'art'.

And I reckon the first person will be a government minister to do an opening ceremony before any others can do it.

Not even a love proclamation for our great Leeder can get you off the hook as a man found out (read here).

Be thankful you did not earn your stripes as a certain Michael Fay learnt 10 years ago.
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