Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't provide us with more ammunition

These days PAP seems to provide free ammunition for the opposition, netizens, online community and bloggers. The more they try, the worse it seems. Many of us have to work, mind you. We can't keep on blogging.

We are having a field day online seriously. I have never seen so many online postings. Go check out the 'Other Reads' links on my right.

PAP supporters I know are now questioning the policies implemented since the last two elections (eg, GST increase, transport hikes, foreign talent policy). They are also mocking the quality of the new candidates (seriously Tin Pei Ling, Chua Chun Sing anyone?) and are baffled by the demeaning words of their Ministers and MPs. Now our PM Lee dishes out the old trick of fear-mongering.

One thing is certain - PAP is no longer the people's choice. Allow me to analyse a few examples.

PM Lee: No by-election if PAP loses a GRC (Read Straits Times here)

IF A GRC is lost at the May 7 General Election - and a Minister along with it - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong does not plan to call a by-election to try and get him elected and back into government, he told the Lianhe Zaobao Chinese daily.

'Elections are a serious thing,' he said in an interview published on Tuesday 'The voters have decided, and we will accept the voters' decision.'

He added that voters, too, would have to live with the consequences of their choice to turf a Minister out.

'There are no safety nets in real life. So it's best not to take the risk.'
It is the sole reason that an election is serious thing that we have now more opposition candidates of high calibre and better credentials. Some of whom were high-flyers in the civil service.

It has got little to do with what you and your ministers claim that Singapore has increased in educational level and her people are more widely travelled. Why do you deceive yourself? If that is so, you would have attracted them into your party. Perhaps many have travelled widely enough to know they have been led by their noses all along.

All due respect, sir, your leadership and party had time to change. You guys didn't. Even up to this last last juncture, your party is still in denial.

Simply put, we have had enough. Singaporeans have given you grace time and again to prove yourselves deserving to lead us. For the past 10 years you must admit it has been disappointing, global financial issues not-withstanding. All except for Dr Lily Neo whom I have heard so much of her graciousness and I give utmost respect.

With this article you used the dirty trick of 'no safety nets' fear-mongering to prey on the weak-minded - rehashing and reminding your very own people with the spectre of near failures in history to cripple us.

Is that the way forward to a 'thinking society' and treating us like babies? It is very much akin to a mother of old generation telling her son not to go near the water else he drowns.

It stops here, sir. The new media of the internet and online forums reaches many. Readers challenge the norm and demand answers. Yet one by one, your ministers choose to ignore the sentiments on the ground. It is so childish to disable 'comments' and 'dislikes' in their Facebook accounts and yet your manifesto claims open feedback and discussions.

This is how far you have fallen behind.

By the way, pray tell me what 'safety nets' do we as Singaporeans have? By voting in the opposition to challenge your policies, my countrymen and I daresay we stand a better chance of having a 'safety net' for us.


'It's not as simple as waving a wand' - DPM Wong Kan Seng on solving the issues of housing, immigration

Singapore - It is not such "a simple thing as waving a wand" at hot issues like the cost of living, housing and immigration, hoping they will simply disappear.

The measures introduced by the People's Action Party (PAP) Government need time to take effect, said Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng.

(read Today full article)
Who created the housing bubble? Who invited foreigners and opened the floodgates for mass migration? Who lacked the foresight to address sky-rocket housing? Who told us housing is still 'affordable'?

Who raised GST? Who promised us Swiss standard of living? Who could have reduced inflation? Who lost billions in investments? Who rewarded themselves with a hefty pay increase and bonuses?

You and your party members did.

You created the mess, now go fix it. Wave your magic wand and make them disappear. You had two terms of a decade (which is a mighty long time in my opinion) to perform your miracle-working wonders, of which I had yet to see any progress. And you gave us half-baked answers and poor accountability to the disappearance of a limping terrorist.

Indeed it is not as simple as waving a wand. Hence we are paying you millions to fix it.

Now you asking us to be sympathetic to your cause, to give you time and ask for my vote. With impending loss at your front door, you now know hollow your words of promises sound. I'll tell you truthfully what will disappear - your millions in salary when you lose your seat and your minister post.

Time is not on your side unfortunately.

(part two coming soon)


Anonymous said...

"Don't provide us with more ammunition" LOL! My sentiments exactly! Love your posts pls keep writing, er, after you're done with your own jobs of cuz.

eileen said...

Hi Adrain,

eileen here. Not sure if you remember me, I wrote to you to enquire about citylife church 2 years ago as my friend and I was actually here. Do u happen to know any other church which NCC members go in melbourne as Glen waverly is quite a distance for us every weekend. We just came back to melb last month. Hope all's well with you. Sorry have to write to you here as i lost you email add.