Monday, August 22, 2011

This is your second chance, Singaporeans

GE2011 is passed. Whomever we have voted, we live with the results of our votes for the next five years. The elected person(s) hopefully will stand for you and represent you in parliament.

That is your concerted declaration. That is your majority decision. That is your collective voice. We, Singaporeans live with the result.

I can only remind ourselves - do we remember the promises made before the elections? When the elections were over and the din settled, did we see the changes we desired? Or are we now beset with a transport hike and utilities increase in a looming uncertain time? Where is the salary review and justification that seems to take ages to announce? Yet hikes were dish-out as if they had decided before the elections had begun, or were they all for show these reviews?

When Singapore's economic outlook foretold good times, we were 'sold' with tales of that high inflation was a global wave and commodity prices and service costs increases were certain. Therefore a rise in cost of living is expected. With the global recession looming around the corner again, we are now forewarned that jobs may be lost and futures are uncertain. We need to buck up and stay together.

All good and wise words. Yet I do not need to be an economic guru to 'foretell' such motherhood statements.

What is more crucial to a man on the street is that the policies enforced by the government and their vision for Singapore's betterment endures through both good and dark times. Not motherhood statements.

Truly Singaporeans, we have been kicked around far too long.

Just two days ago while grocery shopping, I lamented that the food prices displayed on the shelves had increased. I clearly recall that Singapore dollar is still very strong. Does it not mean we ought to have stronger purchasing power to buy imported goods at cheaper prices? Yet I do not see it reflected so but rather saw a higher price in spite of the 'low-price' tag.

For example, a family-sized Cadbury chocolate bar of 200g now cost $4.45 with a 'low-price' tag. I am certain with the strong SGD, it should not be so. I am certain I could even get it cheaper in Australia just on pure SGD-AUD conversion. Baffling, isn't it?

I fail to see petrol prices coming down when crude oil prices are low. Neither do I see cheaper basic food cost like sugar. All the clamour of basic food prices rocketing high were pretty lame as sugar stocks have hit low for quite a while already. Were we sold silly? You bet.

Now we have a chance. A God-given second chance to see a change. A change we want to see.

After which, it will be another 5 years. I doubt we will get another chance like we had in the recent GE2011 - a slew of qualified opposition candidates to give the ruling party a run for their money. Now we have 4 Presidential Candidates to choose from.

Can we sit on the fence hoping for the best to suddenly pop up? Do we not wish someone can hear our voices of displeasure and stand on our side of the fence? Can we vote in a 'group think' president, or even 'neutral' president? Or do we want put a stamp in our time and in this generation to witness a change -

A real change that actually makes a difference.

If not now, when? We have too many 'yes' men and rubber stampers already. We may not get a second chance if we do not vote someone who is passionate, outspoken and radical.

Give weight to these thoughts, my dear readers. Whatever the results show, it will be for the next five years.

That is your concerted declaration. That is your majority decision. That is your collective voice. We, Singaporeans live with the result.

My vote is with Tan Jee Say.

Food for thought:
Can you imagine a finance director signing off a waiver on the discrepancy findings of an audit check? Would you allow the accounts department to manage the company's audit and sign-off on it? Yet we seem allow an ex-GIC chairman who is aware of $50billion worth of lost investments to be a candidate for the second security key of our reserves. In my honest opinion Dr Tony Tan should not even qualify from the beginning. I'd say he is the worst candidate as far as track record shows.


Anonymous said...

Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

Chee Wai Lee said...

As I expected, it didn't happen. Not that it mattered anyways, the office of the elected presidency in Singapore is awkward at best. Too contrived to be meaningful in execution.

So, did you get to vote?