Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thanks for the memories

For the oldies and goodies, here is an article (link here) which will definitely stir up nostalgic memories... memories of a bygone era where life was simple and slower with less 'noise'. Defintely not boring though!

I recently visited a toy museum of the 60s and 70s near Arab Street. There is a small entry fee which I felt was worth every cent. I spent a good one hour there, reminiscing the past. I think it's called the Children Little Museum (link). Photos coming soon.

Address: 40 Kandahar Street Singapore 198895 (near arab street)

I remember we used to make games from ice-cream sticks, rubber bands, plastic bags, match-boxes, drink cans, etc. That was until Game & Watch and Donkey Kong came out.

A few mentions which were not captured in the article:
  • 10 cents gum bottle (usually either red or blue) with a white cap and a glue stick underneath the cap.
  • Pencil boxes with Gundam or other Japanese cartoon characters. The pencil boxes comes with many hidden compartments and was overlaid with buttons that when pressed will either unlock the hidden drawer or pop a door.
  • Tube of gluey, sticky paste that comes with a short, yellow stick to blow. Cover one end of the stick with the paste to blow a balloon which looks like a soap bubble.
  • Skipping classes to go game arcades with prominent 'School uniforms are prohibited' signs. I had to steal away home clothes in my school bag and change into them at a nearby toilet. The games cost 20 cents to play.
Thanks for the memories.


Anonymous said...

Those were the Days.

Now, they only memories to
those who have experienced
However there are only
few such people still around.


Anonymous said...

One ex-Malaysian who became Minister in Sin does think present day Singapore is better than Bhutan. And maybe Malaysia will never be home for him and his family again.
So, new Sin maybe better than old Sin to one of our minister.