Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hammered by the Hammer - MP Yaw

Latest update: MP Yaw Shin Leong got the hammer, er boot by the Workers' Party (link here).

Mixed feelings for me. Good call by WP to uphold integrity, transparency and principles. Bad call because he is a good MP.

Who says Singapore politics are boring?!!

Something I had in mind but never blogged when the case was brought up. Thanks to Redbean's blog that I have put my thoughts in his comments. I'd share it here:

To put the matter straight, I will like to state that I do not condone infidelity. Affairs outside marriage not only affect both parties but immediate families and kids.


It is funny how Singaporeans pick on 'yet to be proven' Yaw's infidelity and go on a witch hunt. Hmmm don't we have anything else better to do than to be judges? What crime did he commit?

Again I stress that I am not condoning his adultery, if assumed he did commit it.

Seriously if the affair had taken place in the past and he had since reconciled with his wife, what is the main issue to bring it up again? If his wife doesn't condemn him, who are we?

This event clearly shows that:
  • Singaporeans are generally not 'politically mature' enough to differentiate between political integrity and personal discretion.
  • We don't know what constitutes personal space vs public figures, and privacy vs rights.
  • We act no better than any paparazzi in digging past faults, and could jolly well end up like the ones who killed Princess Diana. We actually love to see 'blood spilled'.
  • We are deprived of good journalism with good insights and smart analysis. We have been fed too much with the MSM's style of dirty politics against oppositions and being the PAP's mouthpiece.
  • We have problems seeing our own shortcomings and sit on a high horse to sprout judging words or advice nobody cares. Sound familiar to a 90-yr-old man I once admired.
Stop this nonsense witch-hunting and fuelling useless talks of scandals.

C'mon Singaporeans - we can do better than that!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Kaffein, some have private agendas for doing what they were doing.

Kaffein said...

You bet, RBZ. Both WP and PAP.

But at the end of Round 1, here is my verdict:

PAP 0 (faded white of 1960s)
WP 1 (whiter than white)

Hougang Residents 0
Media/Paparazzi 1

Doesn't bode well, does it?