Thursday, July 27, 2006

Too busy?

I didn't blog. I am swarmed at work. Projects are kicking off and I am caught in the middle of them. Risks, problems and cost issues are flying all over the place and trying to find a target - ME! I don't remember buying a shirt from Target (ok bad joke)!

Runaway. I will runaway... (lyrics from Runaway by The Corrs)

Catching a moment to reflect, I must admit the fault lies with me. Time management. I've heard it from dozens of sources, especially my missus. My priorities are all wrong. I spent my time often on activities that don't really matter. Or really?

I wonder if I am the only one struggling with this scenario:

  1. You list down the to-do things/tasks. You prioritize them.
  2. You commit yourself to completing these tasks before you switch on the PC.
  3. You swear World of Warcraft (WoW) will have to wait but you ended up playing for 5 bloody long hours!
    3.1 Yeah our raid group killed Drakk. He was a beast. We got wiped twice while reaching there.
    3.2 The reward? A +2% critical-strike trinket! How cool can it be, huh? Go rogues!

I climbed into bed at 3am this morning. I got up with a bad hangover and I started to wonder if I had just wasted 5 hours of my life. Actually it was my 3+ year-old daughter who woke me up. I can't sleep with someone shouting in my ears, opening my lead-weighted eyelids and giggling away. My missus said I got to send her to school on my way to work.

Runaway. I will runaway...

Food for thoughts:

  1. Heard from the radio on how the Public Transport Company has set a higher service standard on bus operators. And guess what the solution is?

    Hefty fines.

    Excuse me, what's new? Who cares if it is going to be a 1-million dollar fine? Or 1 dollar? Isn't it from the government's left pocket to the right pocket?

    Dear LTA, how does this translate to actual benefits for the commuters who were inconvenienced by the disruption?

    I have a better suggestion. Why not let the duration and time of the disruption translate to free-rides for commuters at a similar time and duration.
  2. Tried to read the Straits Times Interactive Online. Realised I have to pay for a subscription fee now. What the...?

    I am an old-fashioned-style reader. Hard copy. Rarely do I search online, unless I want to hyperlink and comment on an intersting article I have read or heard. mrbrown's blog entry and the comments therein sum up my feelings.

    Dear SPH, must everything be tied to a cost (I know it's a stupid but valid question every Singaporean man asks)?

    It's not as if you belong to the category of Reuters or Factiva. As for your so-called awards in the media industry, read my next point below.
  3. While searching for the Straits Times website using Google, I came across this newspaper review. I wonder where we actually stand in the world ranking for media.
  4. Speak Guud Engrish Movement? Seh-mi lai eh? Read it here.

    See how the Professor Koh Tai Ann's (Chairman of the Speak Good English Movement) English is corrected.

    Totally pwned. I wonder if he knows what pwned means.

    And to think Father Lee told the young folks at the infamous TV dialogue, "We have co-opted all the best people".

    Just for laughs: this site is Singaporean-ly hilarious, albeit vulgar. (warning!) Read at your own risk.
  5. I wanted to comment on the Israel-Lebannon conflict but it has to come later. I'm going to do WoW LBRS raid tonight. Who has time for anything these days?

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