Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas mood. Empathy.

Merry Christmas!

Oh, it's a wee bit early, but I'm getting into the mood. I have been so busy at work for the past 1+ months, coming home at least after 9pm nearly every night.

To some, it might be usual. But I choose not to - my family comes first.

However the year end activities are piling up, and everyday there are meetings after meetings to attend, issues after issues to settle.

I am SURE glad the Christmas weekend is finally here. And I thank God for Christmas. Makes me re-think my priorities, my purpose, my destiny.

Thank you Jesus.

Wrote this earlier in draft, but never had the time to publish.

Read this report:

Queries that will never be answered:

  1. Both her husband and she probably are high income earners, whereby if anyone of them quits temporarily, they still have much leftover savings for the single income earner to survive the next 5 years.

    How many of us have this kind of luxury?
  2. She did not mention the number of maids to help out in the house.

    Again, how many of us can be single income earners, have a maid(s) and also focus on the kids after work?
  3. Probably she had the spending power to bring in tuition teachers (among the best) to tutor her kids, I assume?

    How many readers here know that they had to go through the exams with their kids in today Singapore?

Please don't ask any of the women to be like you, Mrs Lim. You are definitely not the role model I like my wife to emulate.

There are many women who are struggling to find balance being a wife, accountant, mother, employee and citizen. Many do not hold directorships, nor have 6 months bonuses, or even pay increase/adjustments peg to the top 5 earners.

All I ask is for you to have empathy and compassion when you implement policies. Be aware that not many are blessed like you.

Be humble.

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Anonymous said...

come to think of it, I wonder who amongst the ministers or even the MPs are listening to the ground, don't even say be humble.