Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Can you handle the truth?

What is the truth? The government says you can't handle the truth. It's like these diggings (thanks to Mr Brown) that make X-Files episodes interesting.

Can you see the discrepencies in the report? See how the article was 'conveniently' snipped by the ChannelNewsAsia.
  1. CNA (using search engine) article

Now see other reports:

  1. International Herald Tribune article
  2. The Edge article

Even more scarier:
The ChannelNewAsia 'article' in the search list cannot be found anymore in the 15 Jan, or even 16 or 17 Jan archives! It was 'conveniently' un-archived.

Another good read with the same very questions burning in my heart:

  1. theonlinecitizen

Talk about mee siam mai hum episodes:


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