Sunday, July 22, 2007

More photos but mine will have to wait

If you just wanna see Rachel's photos just before we left for Melbourne, you can visit QQ*Librarian's blog. Both her husband and her are our best friends.

And she misses Rachel... awww.

More pertinent issues at hand. Just read an article on Mr Wang's blog (Christianity and TAR).

I really value and dig his opinions. More often, his advice are eye-opening and they give a different perspective to questions in life (though I prefer his analysis on the current politics).

I didn't comment on Buddhism or other 'forms' of thinking, meditation, etc purely because I am in no position to comment.

But here are my comments revised with a bit of grammatical corrections (I hope he publishes my comments in his blog though):

"I respect your opinions, Mr Wang.

But in terms of Christianity, I kinda disagree with lots of your statements and will like to comment on some of them.

"The other big difficulty is that God, as seen from the Bible, has His own distinct personality, ideas and plans. He doesn't necessarily give you what you want - instead He may have his own very specific plans on what you should be doing and where you should go (think Jonah and the whale)."

I must disagree. Perhaps writing on God, when you don't know Him, seems a bit sweeping. Perhaps it's your POV, so you are entitled to them.

My family and I are Christians first and foremost. Not that I am in a position to speak on behalf of God, I can only write about Him as much as my experiences with Him go. For me and my family concerned (though I cannot say for other Christians), my God always supplies all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.

I repeat, always. In other words, my prayers are always answered.

And if you think God has a different plan if people ask for materialistic gains, status, etc. I'm quite sure you don't really know Him. If you read the bible, no one who calls upon Him was poor or needy. In fact, they were rather rich: Abraham, King Solomon, David, Joesph, Job, etc. He met everyone according to their needs and their desires. But that is another topic which I shall not dwell upon.

Oh one might say, that's >2000 years ago. Look at the Jews today. See how this small tiny race are movers and shakers, impacting the world we live in. How many are well-known scientists, inventors, nobel-prize winners, etc?

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened."

It has been misquoted. If you read the context, esp before those verses, what Jesus is saying: God is NOT like this.

You don't need to knock, seek and beg to be let in or for God to listen to you and then supply. Just as a father already knows his child's desires (I'm sure you already knew what your children wanted before they asked), God is even more loving and concerned about our wants and desires than we can ever imagine.

And pray tell me, Mr Wang, why do you want your child to ask of you? Do we need to be formal with our kids that they must ask to receive? Or are we as adults playing hard to get? Or perhaps they must earn it to ask?

Or do we, as earthly parents, freely give even before their asking?

Yes, if we as earthly parents can feel joyful when we are able to provide, how much MORE does our heavenly Father longs to give? Actually had He already not given His best - Jesus His Son?

If He had already given His best, why shall He withhold other things that He knows you need - financial, health, prosperity, wholeness of mind, etc?

Of course, this is one of the basis of Christianity: we cannot because He can. And He gives freely to all who call on Him, by grace.

On a personal note, I long to hear my daughter ask of me. Why? Because I love her and she loves me. And even before she can utter the first words, I have already given it to her.

Cheers, Kaffein"

Well what do you think?

Ok, ok, I'm sorting out my photos and I hope to publish them asap. Some people are already complaining why my updates are so slow.

*sigh* Singaporeans...

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