Monday, July 02, 2007

Delivered as promised

I know most of you are saying, "Cut the chase and give me the good stuff." Yeah, who cares about Mum and Dad anyway.

So to appease you hungry fans, lots of Rachel photos for you.

On her new Dora the Explorer kickscooter. Vroommm...

At a nearby playground

Family photos time!

Selene & Rachel, Princess Fiona & Shrek the Beautiful

Met up with Naomi (sister-in-law's sister in Melbourne). She brought us to CityLife Church where we are worshipping now.

Rachel with her distant cousins (Bella, Zoe & Skye)

We took a train to the Melbourne with a family whom we befriended in church. Remember I mentioned about Rachel praying to have friends about her age to play with?

Yeah Anthea is one of her playmates. Prayer works... everytime!

Anthea and Rachel along Yarra River
with Melbourne City in the backdrop

A shopping arcade in Melbourne City
Quaint, tudor-court, English-style setting

Selene befriended the mother of one of Rachel's classmate.

Rachel and Nickhil in the 'ark'

There are lots of birthday parties to attend. And they are BIG in Australia (the bigger and more elaborate the party, the more the mums look up to your family)! It's like a subtle 'class' system, in my opinion.

This is Zoe's birthday party. It was very well-coordinated and successful. Drawing on aprons, clay molding and painting, fun outdoor games, blowing bubbles, lots of cakes, cookies, sweets, chicken nuggets, jellies, barbie doll cake, party bags...

It was so much fun that the children all didn't want to go home. They all forgot their parents. Rachel included :)

See all the happy children and working parents

So you see, we have been tremendously blessed. God has indeed met to our needs more than we can ever hope or dream of!

Sure, there are tough and challenging times. Sometimes I do wonder if I've made the right choice. But seeing Rachel having so much fun (she is so adaptable and trusting towards God to provide), I can only look forward to a better future.

He has a plan for me and my family, indeed; plan to prosper us and to give us a hope and a future.

Stay tuned... more pictures coming up.


Rachel said...

That's great!!! Good to see she has settled in so well.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics! Praise God for all things! We have a friend who just moved there too and worshipping at the same church as you. Name is Janice, 2 sons and a girl - Joel, Jonas and Jayna. See if you can meet them. God is so GOOD and we are begging for more and more goodness to taste from Him! More pics leh! - doreen

Anonymous said...

I like the family photos. nice. i know what its like to be amongst expatriates who have big and bigger parties. but i just stick to what is comfortable for my own kids. that being said, i am always a good supporter at other people's parties!
Selene, how are you? Motherhood is great isn't?
I wish Emma can meet and play with Rachel. But we are a bit far. i will share my blog with you in a separate email.
enjoy your life there!
Judy Em. (Alabama, USA)