Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Phone bliss, Hwa Chong student: where is he now?

I know many of my friends are coming to this site to check the photos I have promised to upload.

Please be patient... I'm in the process of doing so.

Some are in the new laptop I've brought over from Singapore, some are in my new Nokia 6300 mobile phone (I truly dig this phone, it's so cool!)

For you phone freaks out there:
  • It's stylish, lightweight, slim. In order words, sleek and lithe, oozing with charm.
  • Has matte-silver stainless steel cover with black top. Feels like designer toy. Neat and cool.
  • Big screen, large soft-key buttons. You must press to feel it! Oooo-la-la...
  • 2 megapixel camera + video recording
  • Music player, FM stereo radio, ya-da, ya-da...

Why the fuss over the phone, you'd ask?

I've been using the Nokia 6100 for about 3 years. It's hardy and lasting. Even now, I still have it in my drawer in a workable condition. Never did change it coz I'm particular about the look and feel of a phone.

Basically I hate FAT phones. Technical features are secondary too.

So you can imagine my joy when I finally moved on to a sleeker, designer phone.


I've been wondering: whatever happened to the Hwa Chong student. Yeah the one who beat up the SBS bus driver.

It was an outrage amongst the netizens in the online community. I was one of the culprits with strongly worded arguments posted both on mrbrown blogsite and within my own blogsite (here and here).

So I decided to do a quick google search: "hwa chong student beat bus driver"

I was stumped. Literally my jaw dropped as I blinked my eyes several times. I could hardly believe it:

Kaffein-nated site was in the top 10 google search result for "hwa chong student beat bus driver"! Yeah just above mrbrown.

Can you believe it? Er, no I'm not bragging, just shocked.

Every mother son of a blogger knows mrbrown. But who the zonkers is Kaffein? It's not like I have fans or I am a celebrity for the matter. I know mrbrown is an online Singaporean celebrity and top Asian Progressives @ #16 as far as I'm concerned (proof here).

This site, however, is for me to air my views/thoughts, update my friends about my (family) life previously in Singapore and now in Melbourne, post photos of beautiful Rachel and basically rant.

Gee, I hate sending emails and then receiving those failure messages coz those emails accounts no longer exist. So using the blogsite seems to be the best tool.

Yeah go on, say it. I AM A QUITTER. So?

Anyway, it made me wonder.

My opinions/words can actually influence/impact people. It can bring life or death (in the biblical sense in Deut 30) to a situation. The power of the tongue. No wonder the .sg government will like to 'control' the media and the online blogging community. Especially podcast publishing during the General Election.

Rumors (and truths) can sure spread like wildfire. What a scary yet powerful medium!

And then I have these political views posted. Nothing defamatory but sometimes strongly opinionated.

I have digressed.

So anyone wanna tell me whatever happened to the 'show-off-to-girlfriend-kena-backfire-hide-behind-father-skirt' student?

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