Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Twitch, twitch, twitch...

Arrghhh... my upper left eyelid keeps twitching!

At first I thought it was some kind of neural joke my body is experiencing. After a week or so, it's not funny anymore. It's happening like every hour or so and lasts about 5 - 10 seconds nowadays.

In the past, the twitch never lasted more than a couple of seconds. And it was so infrequent that I could hardly remember the last time I had it.

Even while I'm typing, it goes *twitch twitch twitch* It's not impairing my vision and I'm not feeling any pain.

It's just simply annoying!

Sometimes I wished I had a spoon to carve the eyeball out! To add salt to the wound, I meet customers nearly every day. I'm not sure if the customers whom I speak to are looking at my face or staring at my twitching eyelid!

Yeah I have this kind of weird feeling. So I checked the mirror while the eyelid was twitching. Nope I couldn't see any twitching movements.

It would have been totally embarassing! It's akin to having a pulse on the left eyeball. Eek!

I've tried washing with water (cold, warm, both), using eyedrops, closing to rest my eyes, rubbing my eyes, rotating my eyeballs, winking the left and right eyes, blinking hard, etc.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Then I did a Google search on "twitching eyelid". The common medical causes are stress, fatigue, dry weather, too much caffeine, or vitamin deficiency (usually potassium). Some say it's the lack of sex :P


The recommended treatments are to reduce stress, get more sleep, nix the coffee, eat more bananas and B-complex pills.

Or, just wait for it to go away on its own.

Not sure about the vitamin deficiency and lack of sex part but yes, I have been experiencing lots of stress and fatigue lately. Moving house, change of environments, culture, weather, climate, new workplace, facing customers, etc. In addition, I have been drinking lots of coffee. Darn Aussies drink coffee just like they drink beer.

Guess they all contributed to the twitch.

Anyway, I don't see myself sleeping early. Nor can I help reduce the stress I feel at work. Eradicating coffee? Nah. Reducing? Perhaps. Oh, I don't take Coke so I guess that's reducing the caffeine intake.

Looks like I'm going to wait it out.

If only I have a handy spoon right now....


Anonymous said...

pple might think you're making eyes at them. go for decaf dude. wes

doreen said...

Ha!ha! mom used to tell me that something not so good may be happening when eyes twitch non-stop. ya... old wives tale lah... mom used to put a small pc of paper and stick it at the eyelid and believe it or not, it'll stop. try and let me know whether it stops twitching. - doreen

Cain said...

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