Saturday, November 24, 2007

Healesville Sanctuary

Told ya we bought the family zoo pass. So more crazy animal pictures for ya!

Healesville Sanctuary (20071014)
Healesville Sanctuary, or the Sir Colin MacKenzie Fauna Park, is a zoo specializing in native Australian animals. It is located at Healesville on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria.

The drive was beautiful, over rolling hills and farmlands. Took us about 45mins drive from where we are staying.
(Spoiler! Don't read this part if you are getting married soon)

Don't you agree it always feels longer for any family trips.

As usual, morning preparation rush. Shouting at Rachel to brush her teeth, bathe. Then bringing all the sandwiches, raisin bread, water bottles and milk packet, some sweets (just in case I fall asleep while driving). And the bag of potato chips. Never leave home without it.

I also have a very advanced stereo sound system in my car. You can't get better than that.

Sermon messages in the background which switches to Christian MP3s songs at missus beck and call. Family squabbles music in the foreground: Rachel complaining about the long journey - 'Are we there yet?' syndrome; missus feeling exasperated; me shouting at Rachel to quieten down; muttering while driving and figuring where in the blazes we are; missus did not tell me about the missing turn which ended in shouting matches...

Missus praying in tongues, Rachel pouting, me calling 'Jesus'! ... yeah it was family time! Thank God we got there in one piece.

Ever wonder what God thought about my family. It's like us going to watch the animals in the zoo, and Him watching the 'circus' in Heaven. "Hey, Jesus, come over here. It's the Family Time show. Today's episode is Going to the Healesville Sanctuary! Oh, as you are coming, bring along the bag of chips please!"

There we were waiting to watch the bird show. Rachel decided to take a photo. I must admit she does have a steady hand for her age. I must also commend the Singapore Zoological Gardens. It is indeed world-class. It wasn't that the bird show in Healesville Zoo was lousy but the Singapore Zoo rocked big time!

Caught this when the hawk (I think) took off from the fence!

And check out the size of the eagle beside him. Also the feeding of the falcon (I think). Gosh don't blame me - I wasn't paying attention to what the guy was saying. It was hard taking photos and listening at the same time.
Here are photos of Rachel playing at the playground there.
We stopped by a winery cum restaurant while driving back home. Check out the vineyard in the background and the wide expanse of the clear blue sky.

Doesn't this make you want to visit me?

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