Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Limbo Rap: How low can you go?

This is so bad it's so good, especially with the song 'Tragedy' (see here)... LOL

I have absolutely no idea what MDA is trying to do with this low-grade movie.

I kept asking myself these questions: Why did you do it? What were you trying to prove? Salvage your reputation (if you had any to begin with because I personally think you gave lousy cuts)? Connect with the youths? Lastly, how much did it cost to produce the junk?


Reminds me of another group (who called themselves the p65ers) doing hip-hops during the Chingay Parade and putting up a blogsite. Really, how many of them listen to hip-hop songs. I don't coz I'm not from that era. How many of them actually blog too? I only know of one who actively blogs. But I digress here.

I cringed when I saw those senior management in office suits doing the rap, lip-syncing the lyrics and trying to look hip-hop! They actually sucked.

You tell me I'm paying them (through taxpayers' monies and the questionable Radio & TV licenses) to give me this piece of junk? *groan* And gosh, I felt embarassed to call myself a Singaporean when it was posted on YouTube. Just look at those comments within.

Perhaps they are responding to the Royston Tan's short movie called 'Cut'. You know, both missus and I actually enjoyed the puns and satirical message within THIS movie. It is both funny and classy than this MDArena how-low-can-you-go-junk.

See for yourself if you don't believe me.

Some advice for MDA (GLCs included) and the p65ers:
- You don't need raps and hip-hops to win the people over. If you have the heart, your actions will follow. People have eyes to see.
- Stop trying to be someone you are not. GLCs are huge culprits of trying to follow the Western corporate culture (Who moved my cheese?, Fishy Business, etc). Yeah right... you don't even value, let alone empower your subordinates.
- Get rid of the NUTs syndrome.


Anonymous said...

eh. mr brown blogged the same thing before you leh.

Kaffein said...

Dear Anon,
Wah seh, your post even more happening than MDA rap. What kind of troll post is that? I don't know if you are a friend of mine but hiding behind an Anon name is so not cool.

Put your name so I can whack you silly. Like army says 'If got balls to say aloud, got balls to put your name.'

Btw, who friggin' cares what mrbrown, mrwang, misslala had written 10 years ago? It's MY blog.

*mutters under breath about troll posts problems in the blogsphere*


Anonymous said...

sorry. it's kw. pls dont be angry leh.

Anonymous said...

next time i'll rmbr to put my name. keyed in too fast. dont angry ah.

Anonymous said...

sorry. that was me kw again. in the last post.

Kaffein said...

Haha... kwai? You ought to knock yourself. You first time huh?

You know, I've been trying to follow SG stuff. Was following too close to Aussie Elections.

So when I finally saw the movie, I cringed.