Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Latest: Got money also cannot use?!

This 'no travel deposit' feature in the new ez-link card is a no-brainer (read here).

Here are my long-standing grouses against the LTA and transport companies (which I think are all in cahoots together):
  • Public transport is er... public transport.

    What can I say? I don't know how you justify your profits if you are providing a public service. Shouldn't your profits be channeled back into the public in terms of stablising fares and providing better systems?
  • When you lower your fares, you say as if you have done us a great service and feel that you have given me an orgasmic feeling. You don't. Get over it.
  • From the newspaper article: "But the Land Transport Authority (LTA) explained that the new features of the card make this system more convenient."

    Shouldn't you be making the system more convenient for the PUBLIC? Gee, this one absolutely no-brainer. I guess the word public is no longer in your vocab.
  • Nobody asked for special features like Mobile TV, electronic tags or cards, or even high-tech transport systems implementations.

    If you had taken public transport like we do, you will find that people just want to get from one place to another through the more accessible route, at a reasonably comfortable journey and in the quickest time.

    All other jazz pales in comparison.
  • If you want to move towards a cashless society and use the latest technology, by all means do it. Support yourself with the profits you have been having all these years. The common man should not be penalised.
  • Paying for something which is useless is... useless. The inital purchase of the ez-link card can't be returned. Till now, you have not told me what I can do with this card?
  • Do care to explain how much you have earned from advertisement alone? I could hardly look outside the windows these days without straining my eyes when I visited Singapore three months ago. They have been blanketed by your advertisement posters.

    If you already have a steady stream of income from these advertisements, how come you are still justifying transport hikes? Reminds me of TV licenses.
  • Now you implement an absolutely confusing system/policy and we have to adapt. See how moronic your statement in the article is:
    "When you bought the old ez-link card, you had to pay an extra $3, known as a travel deposit, and this was not reflected in the card's balance.

    So, when the card reader shows a balance of $0.01, there is actually $3.01 still on the card. And you can still take a bus or a train.

    With the new card, the $3, which is no longer known as a travel deposit, is reflected in the card balance. That's all.

    Wah how come so cheem (hokkein meaning complicated)? There is $3 but actually it is $0? Pray tell me, which smart-alec government scholar made simple mathematics so complicated? At least in the old card, the travel deposit is not reflected. So when you reach $0 or close to it, you know it's time for top-up.

    Now it is there but still cannot use? Sounds like the dreaded CPF blackbox. *koff koff*


Daniel Ling said...

Fact is, with only SMRT and SBS and TIBS managing the public transport system in Singapore. They can effectively raise fares without worry of competition. People will still have to LPPL take public transport unless they have a car or they choose to walk.

But of course, luckily, we have the PTC which almost approve every single fare raise request and can only advise but cannot order. (Similar to what happen with NTUC and DBS)

But then, I would wonder what is PTC for if not to reject the fare requests if the time is not right? Isn't that akin to a "order" on the issues of fares?

Then again, like it or not, the world is moving, economy is growing. Money is shrinking. Prices will increase whether we like it or not. The earlier we accept this fact, the better.

Just sad that pay do not rise that fast unless you are at the top or near. And not much competition in some areas of service to drive down prices.


Anonymous said...

Be it PTC or the Transport Ministry, their propensities to side with the Transport Operators are beyond doubts.