Friday, March 13, 2009

I must be a mushroom

That's how the Singapore msm (mainstream media) and SPH (Singapore Press Holdings who owned the msm) treat me. A mushroom. Why?

Because they keep me in the dark and feed me nothing but bullsh*t all day.

I could have included Temask Holdings also owns SPH. But I won't sink to your underhand methods and rather keep things in perspective and objective. However you, SPH, time and again have brought in unnecessary details to smear others.

For a good example is bringing in Chia Tik Lek's Tan Lead Shake's name in an article over his brother's death. You also did not fail to mention him as the Slippers Independent Candidate in an election. Pray tell me, what has that got to do with the death?

But for Mas Selamat's escape, you conveniently heaped the blame on us Singaporeans for being complancent, on the guards and duty officer-in-charge, and the upgrade of the TV cameras, etc. Everything except the real people who ought to get the boot - MHA minister and the Head of the Detention Centre.

Does not take a rocket scientist to wonder why you are stuck at 154th media position in the world.

Now there is a furore over how the MSM skewed the article to pin the blame on Dr Allan Ooi. And even censored parts of the letter to protect the SAF. Oh the audicity of it!

I mean what have we been fed all these years?! Yes, bullsh*t.

So I concur then that the government must have foreseen huge investments and profits in mushroom farms in the coming years.

Coz definitely we are all mushrooms.

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singaporenewsalternative said...

It is Tan Lead Shake, not "Chia Ti Lek".

Kaffein said...

Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

Ack... what was I thinking! That's what happens when I work and blog at the same time.

Many thanks!