Thursday, March 12, 2009

What you read is not what you read

Oxymoron? Yeah you bet!

Especially when SPH has sunk to a new all-time low in gutter journalism. Yes I'm refering to the death of Dr Allan Ooi.

See for yourself here and here.

Everyone was taken for a ride if you had just gardner the contents from SPH. I mean it's so blatantly different and the spin story will spin you until you feel the late Dr Allan Ooi is just a love-sick puppy. Which he is NOT!

Really, I’m absolutely disgusted and appalled that even a letter has to be censored! I mean it’s his last letter for God’s sake!

Why would you do that, SPH? Isn’t it as bad as North Korea to have a tightly-controlled media? Why hide the facts and truths? It doesn't bring you any glory except now you have lost your pride and credibility? And it’s not as if in recent years you have had any.

You used to be good. I liked reading the newspapers many years ago. I don’t know what had happened. You had just lost the plot. Totally.

Thank you Wayang Party for portraying the truth. I cannot imagine how we would think of the late Dr Allan Ooi if you hadn’t published the first half of the letter not omitting SAF.

You truly sicken me, SPH! I’d never thought you will sink to a new low. Pui! You had left an utterly bitter (and not even close to satisfying) aftertaste as my punchline for this blog Kaffein-nated goes.

No wonder your government bosses are so afraid of the Internet because truths will be exposed and outrightly published without your control. And you have sought time and again to discredit bloggers, especially socio-political blogs.

So now I being to wonder if you had been telling us the truth about the recent deaths of David Hartanto Widjaja and Zhou Zheng.

I feel total disdain for you, SPH!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaffein,

It is hilarious to see how you come across as the New Age Sensitive Guy when you talk about Jesus, but all so angsty when you blog about Singapore or Singapore-related matters.

But it's of great evangelical value, I tell you! Nothing convinces me more of the love and forgiveness of Christ Jesus, whose name you ardently praise, and rightly so, when I see the transformation right before my eyes!

Amen to that, eh?

Anonymous said...

... actually, I meant Sensitive New Age Guy. But hell, you get the drift.

Kaffein said...

Hi there Anon 12:13,
welcome to my blog. Well, we can be passionate about different stuff, don't we?

Just that I feel of recent years, the policies implemented by the government have been quite lacking, and many times they don't engage the public for feedback.

Our society has moved from the kampong days where people are uneducated where ricebowl is the main focus. Now the society demographics has changed. The government seems to be one unwilling to move forward, or if they did, it's always three steps forward, two backwards. Using racial fears, past histories, etc to make us toe the line doesn't work.

So much for ramblings. But Jesus? That's another end of the spectrum. He's one of a kind and none compares with Him and His love for us.

Hope to update more of Jesus soon.


Anonymous said...

I wrote somewhere else to boycott ST. I repeat this call here again - Do Not Buy ST anymore! - let their circulation numbers drop, let advertisers look for new avenues (online??) to reach out. - "Cheap" news not required, stop buying ST!