Thursday, August 17, 2006

How to make an orange bunny costume

Alright, for those folks out there wondering why the cute girl Rachel was wearing a bunny costume (see here)? Answer: Rachel was going for a birthday party.


*groan* I confess - I was a 'cheapo'. I didn't want to spend money to buy her a princess or angel costume just for a birthday party. I mean they outgrow the clothes so fast! I also did not have a nice white poster paper to work on (more like I couldn't find a clean white paper without Rachel's imprints on it). And since she was wearing an orange dress, I thought why not an orange bunny.

Hey it could have been worse. I could have used the blue-coloured paper... or purple one? Hmmm Barney the dinosaur costume didn't sound too bad. But I had to find pillows. Lots of them. Barney's fat, by the way.

We were going for Megan's birthday party (courtesy of Grace and Sheldon). The theme was Safari (or was it zoo?). The children were supposed to dress up in an animal costume. The good thing was that Rachel thoroughly enjoyed herself there. The bad? We got played out. She was the only 'animal' there, albeit an orange one.

One thing I had noticed in the party was that the children didn't care if someone wore a princess, angel, lion, monkey or even a Barney costume. They were only concerned if there were:
  1. Lots of kids around their age to play with.
  2. Toys, drawing, sing-along, kiddy activities.
  3. Birthday cake.
  4. Candles. Everyone will want to blow the candles. This is indeed a mystery.
  5. Screaming. And crying.

Back to the bunny costume. Ok, orange bunny costume. For me, the most fun thing was doing it with her. She had this pair of scissors in hand and she was all eager to cut the ears out. She also gladly provided her face as the canvas for my 'bunny-face' masterpiece.

To top it, she was giggling while I crowned the 'hairband-with-bunny-ear-antenna' on her head. She simply loved it!

Recipe for successful orange bunny costume makeover:

  1. 1x Victim
  2. 1x Hairband.
  3. 1x Orange-coloured big poster paper.
  4. 2x Long oval ears. Need to draw and colour them, if necessary.
  5. 1x Scissors to cut ears. Tape ears to hairband.
  6. Facial crayons. Draw red nose, red circles around eyes and black whiskers.
  7. Lots of creativity, imagination and fun.
  8. 1x Mirror.
  9. No laughing. I repeat, do not laugh at your victim.

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Anonymous said...

Saw an article about irish parents throwing posh parties for their kids - invite magician, clowns, boucing castles, limos to ferry friends etc. crazy. being the cheapo and practical folks, we just got her friends over, did an easter egg hunt (her birthday is close to easter day).
the kids had loads of fun, and we had charades, and 1 of the kids ( I believed more ) loved it so much she went home and asked her parents and bro to play charade too.
kids just loved to play with each other. They don't care how much is spent on it. It's the parents who want to show off.
This writer had a daughter and for one of the birthday, all she did was to invite a few of the daughter's close friends, went to a shop to get those blowing bubbles stuff, had the usual cake and they had a sleepover. And till now, the friends said that was the best birthday party they had.
Good choice not to buy some expensive princessy clothes.
One thing we are teaching tiger is the value of money. She has pocket money and whenever she wants to buy her toys, she has to foot half the bill. doesn't matter if it costs 1 euro or 100 euro. Once a child knows she has to pay from her savings, you can see the careful choices she makes. Try that on rachel.