Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A new monitor

I hastened my way to Sim Lin Square yesterday after work. My budget was SG$250 and I had absolutely no idea what to buy. Some shops were beginning to close when I reached there.

Actually, I was tempted to buy another 17" CRT monitor. The price ranged from SG$130 - $180. Come to think of it, I really didn't mind the bulkiness. How often does one move a monitor anyway? However the missus had other ideas. She specifically told me to get a reasonably-priced (read her lips: cheap) lightweight, LCD flat panel one. The cost summary is:

Flat panel 15": SG$230 - $250
Flat panel 17": SG$260 - $300+

Since cost was the main concern, I ignored the other technical specifications. Not that they did not matter. When I speak to the missus about cool gadgets and guy thingys, she is only interested in - the cost. However, when she speaks of her shopping, cost is never the issue.

For newly married guys, here is a tip on how to keep a marriage alive:
When she buys a new dress, NEVER-EVER ask her how much it cost. Keep a straight face, smile and say something like,
  1. "It's beautiful, darling." - Short, sweet to the point
  2. "Simply gorgeous! Can't think of anyone wearing it other than you." - Sweet words at the right time melts her heart. Always.
  3. "It has a thousand dollars look. 50% discount, you said? Wow, what a bargain!" - Letting her know she's smart? Priceless.
  4. The least you could say is "No matter what the price is, I will always love you." Good old-fashioned way. Awww.
Then blog about your wallet pains.

Back to the guy stuff - monitor. I was deciding between the Samsung, Acer and Phillips brand. Guess what? I chose the Phillips monitor. Why? Purely because the previous one had served me well.

You hear that, Phillips? I actually bought another of your product because the previous was so good. Don't let me down, you hear?

Funny how sometimes a company/restaurant wins a customer over because of a previous experience or a good review from a trustworthy source. That's where it counts, I think. Customers want their money worth. A proven name comes long way when making a decision.

Have you noticed how we scan for the longest queue in the hawker centers to decide what to eat? The queue says a lot of the quality of the food. And also the hungry people.

Proven, quality product actually sells!

But then again Singaporeans are a weird bunch too. They queue up just for anything. 'Hello Kitty' MacDonald toys, NDP tickets, sale of condominiums, Primary 1 registrations, 4D-Toto, Progress Packages (you should have seen the ATMs - unbelievable!), etc.

There is a whole bunch of topics to write about but I digress here.

Have you decided to buy that particular brand because your friends have been telling you how good and lasting it is? That's why review columns are so popular. Cameras, computers, cars, mobiles, coffee, and yes, even games are reviewed and updated constantly so that enthusiasts would buy a product that is worth their every cent. Or so they think.

Consumerism. Choices.

By the way, I bought the Phillips 17" SXGA 170S flat panel monitor for SG$265 (3-yrs on-site warranty), and I played World of Warcraft till 5am this morning.

Now that's what really matters. :)

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