Thursday, August 03, 2006


I woke up on the wrong side of bed. Tired, headache, late. Rush to work. Send daughter to school. Hurry-hurry, rush-rush.

...and some idiots just had to rub you the wrong way.

  1. Don't you hate motorists who drive at 70 - 80km/h on the extreme right lane of the expressway? Wished I had a camera phone to snap the license plate of that vehicle and publish it.

    This joker of a driver in front of me took his sweet time at 80km/h when the maximum speed for the expressway is 90km/h. There was also a trail of 4 -5 cars tail-gating behind me and wondering why the 'express' lane had become the 'non-express' lane.
  2. And to top it, just when I was packing to head home at the end of the day, some idiotic colleague had to call me about a project cost. Her questioning words made my blood boil and I raised my voice at her. More like I blasted her so loudly that the other colleagues near me stood up from their cubicles to hear the din.

    People can be so self-centered and domineering. You know, the kind of attitude that goes 'I need to know everything because I don't trust you' and 'Everything has to go my way as I planned it to be'.

    Unbelievable. Two words. Get LOST! Go fly a kite, get off my back or something. Get married... maybe that explains why she's not.

    And that wasn't even the first time I blew up at her. To add, I have also witnessed others blowing their tops off at her.

    Shessh, some people just don't learn...

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