Wednesday, July 02, 2008

.sg Politics is not good for anyone

I have been telling myself: Stop writing about Singapore politics. You are just gonna get the hurt.

But I can't help it. For the past year, the unfolding events, laughable responses and published stories in the Straits Times unfurled within me a whole ruckus of disgruntled emotions - derisive, fuming mad, hilarious, ludicrous, incredulous, absurdity... the list goes on.

It's like watching a comedy... of errors.

It shows how the government thinks of us Singaporeans. Stupid enough to swallow the whole bait, sinker and hook.

Aww... c'mon, give me something more credible to chew on, instead of spin stories. It's sickening and frustrating enough letting me bits and pieces of disjointed information. Then you try to piece all these into an incredulous story for me accept.

Here are the not-too-recent 'jokes' that got me all agitated:
  • Ministers' pay
  • GST for the poor
  • Increase of ERP, increase in utilities and cost of living, bus fares, taxi hikes
  • Mas Selamat sage, 'independent' report, response from WKS, PM
  • Petrol tax from MBT. opposition comments from Hen
  • Singapore Dissident
  • CSJ defamation suit, calling him a 'psychopath'
  • ST gutter journalism, etc

Now we have this latest report by a certain Yeong Yoon Ying, Press Secretary to Minister Mentor.

I winced in disgust. You mean just because you wrote something with eloquent government speech means it is credible? I'd bet WSJ thinks otherwise.

Two Views of Freedom of Speech and Law in SingaporeJune 30, 2008
Your editorial ("Democracy in Singapore," June 26), relying on a "partial transcript," has misunderstood the issue in the libel case involving Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his sister.

The case had nothing to do with political freedom. It was for defamation arising from the Chees' false claims that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Lee Kuan Yew are criminals and corrupt. Despite being advised by a Queen's Counsel, they failed to produce any credible defense or evidence to back up their claims.

Having lost, Dr. Chee in open court then called the Singapore leaders "murderers, robbers, child molesters" and "rapists." The Chees also rebuked the judge, ignored her orders and shouted her down. In Ms. Chee's defense, her lawyer could only claim that she was "almost paranoid." This is why the judge sentenced the Chees to imprisonment for scandalizing the court.

Many opposition politicians routinely criticize government leaders, but are not sued because they have not uttered slanderous falsehoods. Contrary to your editorial, Singapore upholds free speech and the right to disagree, subject to the law.

Singapore's laws must be decided by Singaporeans, not by foreigners like Gopalan Nair, who is a U.S. citizen, or by the foreign media. Foreign media are entitled to report and comment on what is happening in Singapore, but they circulate here subject to Singapore law. They have no right to defame, to give a skewed account of court proceedings, or to engage in Singapore politics, for example, by campaigning for their version of Western style "democracy" for Singapore.

Yeong Yoon Ying
Press Secretary to Minister Mentor

This is a joke itself, Mdm Yeong. You are not doing anyone any favour, really. Internationally and locally especially. Singapore is already world-wide infamously known to be an authoritarian state. So prove them wrong.


Settle it once and for all. Put the nail into the coffin so all words will be hushed. I've said again, your words prove nothing. It's empty talk. Unless you have something to hide...

Now see how Singapore Democrat has responded. Plain simple facts baring the truth (according to their side) to let every reader hear the transcripts and decide for themselves. (For readers, read here)

The PAP responses these days have really gotten weirder and weirder. I have to contend with "Singaporeans are complacent", "What to do, it has happened", "Let's move on", "I am appalled and flabbergusted", "GST is to help the poor"...

Are these responses et all? Or just hog-wash? Spin stories?

"If you love Singapore too much, first it will break your heart, then it will break your soul." -Alfian Sa'at

How apt.


tks said...

I am 100% with you. I was amazing with the 'tick skin' behaviour of our ministers. Most of them just want to say the same tune with our leaders. Seem like this is the right way for them to stay in thier position and to draw million dollors salary

Anonymous said...

'we have not got richer, Singapore has'.


Anonymous said...

I've told myself many times to give up even *reading* about Sg politics, or reading the Pravda for that matter. It's detrimental to my mental wellbeing; I'm finding myself becoming cynical, bitter and frustrated.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Christian Brother,

Why so much bile and anger in your posts?

You chose to leave and have left Singapore, so leave in peace: as the apostle was told, shake the dust off your sandals as you go.