Sunday, July 06, 2008

Solve the puzzling disconnect

Today publishes
This is the part that puzzles me:
"The spokesman said plainclothes officers on routine anti-crime operations in the area heard a loud knock on their vehicle after stopping at the traffic light.

They saw an Indian man walking away. When the officers identified themselves and interviewed the person, he became abusive and refused to furnish his particulars, saying he is an American citizen and the Police has no right to check on him.

Despite repeated warnings to stop his verbal abuse, including a racist slur against one of the Malay officers, he continued to be uncooperative and persisted in his abuse. "

Puzzling questions that ran through my mind:
  • Now why would an Indian man out of the blue knock on the police vehicle? Did the police officers see the Indian man knock on the vehicle? Could it be another person?
  • How come so 'zun' (coincidentally accurate in Hokkein) that it 'happened' to be Goplan Nair?
  • Did the Indian man had sudden revalations from divine above that the car was a police car and knocked on the car to confirm?
  • If anyone had knocked on my car, I wouldn't be the least concern as long as the car was not damaged. Neither do I need to identify myself as a police officer and interview him.
  • And why did the Indian man (if it was indeed Goplan Nair) insult the Malay officer with a racist slur? I mean he's already out of bail, why does he want to have a civil charge against him?
Of course when you don't have the full picture, one tend to over-exaggertate. Enjoy my 'conspiracy' theories:
  • They were 'subtlely' following Goplan Nair and were discovered. This got them infuriated and decided that Goplan needed to pay for exposing their 'stake-out'. (If only they were so vigilent towards Mas Selamat.)
  • The Indian man needed help, knocked on the car to call for assistance but got the arrest instead.
  • The knocks on the police car were big dents. How was the driver ever going to return back to the police station? Oh, he knows the number of forms he had to fill for the car damages during operational duty.
  • The police car following Goplan nearly knocked him down. He was furious. Knocked on the car and demanded an explanation. Got arrested instead.
  • One of the officers showed Goplan the #1 sign with his finger while driving by. Goplan retaliated.
  • One of the officers shouted, "Damn Yankies". Goplan retored with a racial slur.
I don't know... there seems to be bits of disconnect all over.

As usual I will be fed with bits of disjointed information. Soon enough a whole big story consisting of bits and pieces will be revealed. It will be so ludicrous that I can even believe 'pigs fly'.

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Chan said...

If you read the PAP media at you can see that Gopalan is frame again!!!

Gopalan blog that he was in Singapore for 40 days and was not given any trial at all. He was going to start a 1 person protest at Parliment Hall next week. So, the PAP give a pre-emptive strike and arrest him before that happen.

They do this by using the PAP police to arrest him and the PAP media to blacken his name, and perhaps the PAP court to sentence him before he can even do a 1 person protest. The news report is highly suspicious because of the following point.

1. The police says that they heard a loud knock on the police vehicle when it was stop at a traffice light, so they confronted Gopalan. Now, what knock!!! It is not hard to imagine that the PAP police were already tailing him everywhere and just could not wait for an opportunity to arrest him, and the PAP media just give the loud knock as an excuse. When did you hear of any police car stopping to arrest people because of a loud knock??? Sounds as fishy as Selamat case!!!!

2. They the PAP media says they ask him for particulars and he says he is an American and refuse to give particular. Well, he is a lawyer and know full well that he does not need to give particulars without any cause. There was NO cause. The knock was later added into the story to give a cause!! Remember that the police is in plain cloths, and not in uniform. Would you give your particulars to people in plain clothes for no particular reason??? Would anyone???

3. They they say he give racial slurs and verbal abuse to the Malay officer. Another way to use race to blacken people's name. What slur??? If there was even a slur, the PAP media would print it. They use the word "Malay" to evoke the race sensitive issue. Why would Gopalan have issue with Malay??? If you read his blog for the last 2 years, there were never issues with Malay, so that was clearly an invented excuse!!!

4. They then say that the cosmotion attrated 25 onlookers, and there is a risk of public disorder due to inflammatory remarks by the Indian. Trying to place issue again with the word "Indian". How many of the 25 onlookers were plain clothes police even. And what inflammatory remarks... if it was something real, the PAP media would have no qualms saying what he says exactly in quotes. They might even have a Davinder Singh to says that Gopalan to talk about "murderers" and such in court!!!. But to just say that he make inflammatory remark with no quotes???? Another very familiar PAP media trick!!!!

5. See how the next para says that the PAP police have no choice but to arrest him, because he was unable to calm down??? Wow

6. Next para... he resisted arrest and his glasses and other office glass is broken. This is just similar to saying that CSC "bites" the other police woman!!! They probably broke his glass, so he cannot see or blog on the internet properly. And they know that he is out of money and cannot make a replacement!!!

7. Next para says that it was only at the station that Gopalan reveal his identity. This is to make the PAP police tailing him looks innnocent!! I am sure they have a squat giving him a 24 hours survelliance after he threathen to go public and do a 1-person protest outside Parliment hall in a few days time!!

8. Next para.. they have a medical doctor giving him a blood test for alcohol. They were tailing him, and perhaps Gopalan just come out from drinking a beer from a shop... so they move in on him, and try to explain that this man is a drunk, and verbally abusive. Now they can have medical report in court !!!!

9. You will see how fast this case move to trial!!! For 40 days he was not given a trail for arrest for blogging. They have to invent a reason and says he send email to Belinada, which was later disputed. Now they arrest him for disorderly behavior, and this case will go to trail even before the blogging trial, so that they can imprison him and shut him up!!!!


I want to appeal to Dr. Chee and Chia Ti Lik to help him. Gopalan comes to Singapore to cover Dr. Chee's case and to speak out against injustice. Perhaps we can do something to help him back.

Can the SDP website cover his case please? Reprint his latest blog at
Dr. Chee was also an ex-police superintendent or something.. so perhaps you can help. Commnent on his case on your website. Chia, offer your legal and blog help as well. The other places like TOC and Singapore Daily and SG Politics are hardly commenting on Gopalan now. The blog sphere in Singapore is shying away... The Face Group is silent. Aidil Omar is very quiet and has not blog on Sheep City for a month!! Martin See and Seelan Palay is strangely quiet too... wonder what really happen. Perhaps they have their own troubles and personal life too, or perhaps they were being harassed by the PAP plainclothes police.

SOMEBODY, please help!!!!