Friday, July 04, 2008

What is Patriotism?

I was reading this blog about his Singapore life. Till date, he is still figuring out what patriotism means.

I, too, asked myself the question and the scary part was I don't really know. And then a flurry of words came and here is my response to him:

"I have migrated. What I had suggest(ed) to many Singaporeans is to stop seeing the world through the tainted glasses the media and government want you to look through.

See the world for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Singapore is a really fine (pun intended) city. But I do not see my next generation growing up in that kind of environment anymore.

Choose wisely. It still is not a bed of roses elsewhere, but you realise you have a choice in how you want your life to be. Back in Singapore, you don't have choices. It's a rat-race, do what they tell you or fade away and die in the background.

Patriotism? I'm still figuring it out today. But I can summice like this to what runs through my mind:

A patriotic person is akin a solider in the Iraq war. He gives of himself for the country, knowing the risks and glories, yet chooses to be a soldier because he believes in what the country (not the government) stood for. It is no loss that he sacrifices himself for the cause. He is not motivated by greed, nor by political means, nor by the media. He does what he chooses to. He has a choice.


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