Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Food for Thought: Amusing piggy issues

(Latest) This is so humorous that I had to append it here. I laughed so hard that I actually forgave MacDonalds. Comment found in Straits Times:

"McDonald is stu-pig to kill-pig by changing it to cu-pig "

I was responding to to mrbrown's article (read here) and felt prompted to pen my thoughts. Yeah these days too free. What to do, still in holiday mood.

Why did the Mcdonald pig go missing? Because not halal, I'd think.

The funny thing is how can other races respect our Chinese traditions, customs and culture when we had to blatantly change the type of animal to an angel. It's not as if we are associating the pig with a jew or muslim. So why are we so hung up about it?

I mean Catholics don't believe in using contraceptives. Does it mean 7-11s should stop selling them?

In addtion Christians are against the use of the dragon symbols. I don't see Chinese New Year decorations taking out those dragon images and symbols and replacing them with angels? Or perhaps Singapore should ban the movie Babe the pig.

Sheesh, sometimes people make matters worse by trying to be too smart.


redbean said...

hi kaffein,

is this really ignorance, sensitivity or something so innocence?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hope people don't use the other 11 zodiac characters to "protest"...remember ODEX protest..ended with riot policemen..ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

nothing to do with halal, it is not edible. mcdonalds should brush up their religious knowledge

muslim said...

I just want to clarify that we Muslims have TOTALLY NO issue or offence with this whole pig thing.

It is PERFECTLY ALL RIGHT for any place to sell pig toys and we do NOT feel at all offended, insulted or think that others are being insensitive to our beliefs, and neither would we petition do for shops to remove pig toys from their shelves.

I would myself buy a pig toy if it's cute enough (Winnie's Piglet's not cute to me though). We hope that this incident and ignorance by McDonald's does not cast a misconception on us Muslims and unnecessary tension among the various races/religions. :)

Kaffein said...

@ muslim 5:27 PM
Kaffein> Indeed and Amen. I have no qualms with you, just that Macdonalds blew it up by trying to be too smart.

Rachel said...

My dad is born in the year of the Dragon. Should I disown him?

Oh man.