Thursday, January 28, 2010

The truth is out... what are you gonna do now?

So they finally figured out the truth.

The state counsel confirmed the Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionesco is the prime suspect and 'murderer'.

Harsh words from me? Yeap. A young man and newly-wed husband's life had been snuffed out because of a cowardice act. Mr Ionesco then chose to flee the scene and country. Why would anyone do that? To return to Romania at -5C temperature in December versus sunny Singapore at 30C.

Now no one knows where he is.

Perhaps a good quote related to a similar Mas Selamat's escapede by the Home Affairs Minister Wong KS will diffuse the situation:

"Silviu Ionesco is either in Romania, or he is not."

Too bad the late Mr Tong is not related to LKY. You see a few years ago when a certain Mrs Lee had a minor stroke, the SAF bothered to set up a make-shift hospital in an SIA plane and fly her back to Singapore. I am sure this special arrangement can be made for Mr Ionesco to return to Singapore. The cost is just an insignificant fraction compared to the losses by GIC and Temasek.

The onus is now with Prime Minister Lee, Foreign Affairs Minister George, and Home Affairs Minister Wong KS to call for the extradiction of the ex-diplomat from Romania to stand trial. Not in some country where his whereabouts are not even known. But here in the Lion City.

Well you wanna be a Lion Leader? Here's your chance to prove it. And surely hit-and-run cases in Singapore don't bode well for the culprit drivers.

This is a spaghetti situation. I know it is complex with international and legal laws thrown in. Hence we are paying you 'millions' to prove your worth.

Don't let us down. Be the lion you often claim to be.

Romanian diplomat was driver in Singapore fatal accidentJan 27, 2010, 8:04 GMT (link here)
Singapore - A Singapore state counsel confirmed Wednesday a Romanian diplomat was behind the wheel of an embassy car when it ran over and killed a Malaysian man in December, a news report said.

Silviu Ionesco, 49, the highest-ranking Romanian diplomat in the city-state, had filed a police report that the embassy car had been stolen and left Singapore three days after the accident.

But in a court briefing on Wednesday State Counsel Lau Wing Yum said police investigations proved that the car had not been stolen and that Ionescu was the driver in the fatal hit-and-run accident, the online edition of the Straits Times newspaper reported.
The Romanian embassy car hit Malaysian Tong Kok Wai, 30, who was walking on a pedestrian crossing, and another man on December 15.
The car then sped off and hit an 18-year-old student at another junction.

The car was found later with its front screen smashed and bonnet dented, according to the newspaper.

Tong died 10 days after the accident from severe brain damage, the two other victims were injured.

Romania's Foreign Ministry recalled Ionescu shortly after the accident and said it was conducting an internal investigation in the matter.

According to the state counsel, the whereabouts of Ionescu were not known.
An inquiry into the death of Tong would be held from March 3 to 10, said the report, adding that at least 35 witnesses would be heard.

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Rachel said...

'Either he is there or he is not.'

What a gem of wisdom. I totally aspire to be a minister where I not only get to display such amazing wit and mental prowess, I also get to be paid a salary totally inverse to my wit and wisdom.

Such news makes me angry.

Am looking forward to the day I see you in oz!

Yeap Chee Seng said...

The problem lies in the technicality. The guy had diplomatic immunity at the time of the accident. What does diplomatic immunity" means?

If it means you are immuned to the law as long as you don't commit any crime, then the term is useless.

However, if it means you can commit any crime and immuned to legal punishment, what right do we have to extradite him?